Vince Farrell from City of Hope Church brings us this exciting collaged stage design.

Two churches were merging. So they decided to go a collage route…showing the different personalities that would be coming together. They printed the artwork pieces on a 10×15 banner and mounted it to foam board.

Their back wall was already black, so they added the foam board pieces as well as other designs painted black. They added the paper lanterns for an added effect and voila! Total cost was around $500.

10 responses to United

  1. How did you make those letters? What did you make them out of and how are they constructed?

    • I used the Styrofoam sheets found at Lowes (pink stuff) and cut them using a hot knife found at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Then painted them white.

  2. What is the word “UNITED” made out of?

    • I used the Styrofoam sheets found at Lowes (pink stuff) Or you can use the (blue stuff) from Home Depot. I do not recommend the white stuff with silver backing. Even though it’s a couple of dollars cheaper it is not clean or sturdy as the other. You will also need to peel off the plastic on both sides of the styrofoam before cutting and painting.

  3. How did you choose / print the photos?

    • The pastor I did this for already had the photos. I don’t know where he got them, some were from a town unity prayer meeting. I then compiled them into a graphic form and sent to a banner print shop. Additional how to is on the video.

  4. stunning, i love how this looks… :)

  5. This is AWSOME,
    How did you get the letters to come out so perfect, what did you use as your God?

  6. That is a great idea for two merging churches. Great job!

  7. What is the name of the website where you have the banner printed and how much did It cost with all the different pictures?

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