The Weave

Jeff Abbott, the production director at Christ Church in Hickory, North Carolina, took inspiration from a few different designs on this site and made a design all his own. He modeled the design using a wonderful tool called Google Sketchup (free).

The construction for the set is composed of wooden frames with 12″, 16″ and 20″ (all by 48″ long) coroplast panels purchased from a local sign shop. Construction happened over a 2 week period.

First the wood for the framework was cut and the “bows” were made and painted. Assembly of the actual set sections happened on stage as the sections were not built to be moved a lot. The set is lit with S4 par can with color scrollers from above, shooting down the “tunnels” then front lit with more S4 pars and gels. The only LEDs are behind the keyboard player and drummer and on the wall panels.

The drum and keyboard risers are 8 foot in diameter. Construction is 4 sheets of plywood screwed together, then cut in a circle by hand and covered with carpet.  The risers are supported with cinder blocks and patio stones, then wrapped in coroplast. Total cost for this set was around $1500.

If you’re interested in getting a copy of the Sketchup design, drop Jeff a comment here and he’ll gladly share.
Pics are from a Night of Worship where the set was revealed.


138 responses to The Weave

  1. I'd love to get a copy of the sketch-up design!

  2. charlotte snyman October 19, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    Hi Jeff. Your set is amazing. Could – please get a copy of the. Sketch-up design. Thanks.

  3. I love this too! Can you send me your sketch up design?

  4. Great idea. Wondering about coroplast and the potential for creating sound issues—reflecting frequencies and such that can cause problems in the room. Any thoughts?

    • Good question. I'm no acoustician but I doubt you'll have too much problem with sound issues. Assuming you have the coroplast on the stage, your speakers will be pointing away from them. They are pretty light-weight…I doubt they have enough substance to make much of an echo. Anyone else have any input on this?

      • I agree, I don't think it would affect the sound that much. Maybe if you're using monitors on stage, like wedges or something. Of course if you're using monitors on stage (like we are at my church) you already have enough problems with sound reflections. The little the the coroplast adds wouldn't be too much to handle.

    • – check out that link for our version, we have 4 big columns instead of just the wall. Our back wall is pretty high so we decided covering the whole wall would be a bit too much. You will have to skip around in the video to get some good looks at it but we have had it up for a while, and will be coming down in November. No sound issues for us.

  5. Quick question for anyone who works with coraplast.
    Everyone on here has been mentioning natural coroplast but I can't seem to find that color anywhere. All of the sign companies around here offer clear or white. Which one of those would work best for these towers?

    • I'm guessing clear would be the same as Natural. Natural is just translucent. So as long as you can't literally see through the clear…that's probably what we're talking about. Natural coroplast has the same translucence as a frosted or etched piece of glass.

  6. Could I also get a copy of the Sketchup Design?

  7. Hey Jeff could I get a copy of the Sketchup Design? Thank you so much! That set looks awesome…wish I could have seen it in person to really take it in!

  8. Could I also have a copy of the sketchup design? Thank you for offering it!

  9. I would love a copy of the design ASAP. We start next week on a new stage. Thanks.

  10. It will be a privilege to have your design implemented again for one of His events… other than the Sketchup design request(which i'd love to have) can you share the lighting technique and equipment u used here(was it LED lighting?) can you tell how many and how long(how many days or hours) was this stage constructed? ecstatic about your response…praise God for you talent…MANY THANKS!!.

  11. I'd love to get a copy, its funny our pastor was envision this almost exact thing.

  12. Hey Jeff can you please send us a copy of the design

  13. Hey Jeff! Love the design. Could I get a copy of the design as well, if possible? Also, what color of coroplast would you recommend? White or Natural?

  14. Please email me at and I will email it to you.

  15. Jeff this is amazing…I am a part of a new church plant and have some ideas for stage design but I am also interested in new ideas. goggle sketchup sounds like a great tool. I'd any advise you could offer. Thanks a ton. God bless!

  16. Hey Jeff looks awesome man my wife and I are going to be doing something similar to this Design this week was wonder about if some more sketchups are available. I am the Worship and Creative Arts Pastor at Triangle Community Church in Apex,NC if your close Id love to hook up and maybe get some coffee as well

  17. Jeff, We are starting construction on some of these and I'd like the sketchup as well if it has measurements and more details. We can probably improvise based on the info here but… I will be sharing some of our set designs over the past few years.

  18. Can you send me the specs and layout?

  19. Great design! May I get a copy of the sketchup as well as any more measurements and details? Thanks!

  20. I have been asked to make the panels for a series happening in 3 weeks. May I get a copy of the sketch up as well as any material list or construction details?

  21. What type of coroplast panel is best? Probably white? What about thickness? And are you able to see the groove type pattern in the panel when the light hits it? Or am I looking at buying the wrong type of panels?

  22. This looks amazing – thanks for offering to share your design work. I'd love to have a copy – we're always looking for new ideas!

  23. Awesome, our men's fellowship is having a conference later this year and I am very interested in getting the sketch up as well as the material list and details for this set design.

  24. Awesome! Could you send me a copy of your design? Great idea!

  25. i love the question, i have the same questions, can i please have a copy of the design, with size info? thanks

  26. Please kindly share with me your stage pictures and sketch design.

  27. Hi there. I'd really love to get the design for this stage. Our church is planning on doing something like this in 2 weeks.

  28. Hi Jeff,

    Just wanted to send you a quick message to say a big thanks for the inspiration of this set, and for providing your Google Sketchup concepts as well.
    I've uploaded some pics of our version of the design for you to have a look at here:
    We are really limited in what we can do height-wise – but the design still works.
    Specs – 3.5m high using 4mm white correx.
    The Rel sign was fabricated using 4 sheets of 80mm MDF on a CND machine.

    Thanks again!

  29. Good stuff? Can you send me a copy of your design?

  30. Would love a copy of these plans for a new stage design at Jackson First Assembly in Mississippi.
    Your work rocks!

    Wayne Hall
    Student Pastor/Graphics and Promo
    Jackson First Assembly

  31. Jeff:

    We love the weave design….can you send us a copy of your design? Thanks!!

  32. I would love to have a copy of the sketchup design please….

  33. This is incredibly fabulous. can u mail me this stuff. My email is

  34. Jeff, Would appreciate your sketchup for this design.

  35. Can I get a copy of the sketch up?

  36. Hey Jeff I would love a copy of your design – awesome!

    thanks bless you in your Kingdom Work!

  37. Hi Jeff, could I please get a copy of your design. That’s some great stuff!

    Mike Johnston

  38. Hey God bless! Nice design, I would love a sketch up copy… alvaroorellana44@hotmail.. God Bless

  39. This is awesome, and seems to be very achievable for our church. It will be our first stage desin ever!…thanks for the inspo!…..Jeff, can you please send me the sketch up as well?
    thx and God Bless

  40. I am going to be using your model. I have sketchup, could you send me your model?

  41. I love the design. Could I get the Sketchup from you?

  42. Might help if I left my email…

  43. I would love a Sketchup from you for our contemporary service.

  44. Could you please send me a copy of the sketch?

    Thank You!

  45. Looks good, Jeff. Please send me a copy of the sketch?

    Also, how portable are the sections?

  46. Hi Jeff, Would you please send me a scetch of your design. Where do I buy coroplast, where is it the least expensive? Is your frame made from 2×4’s? Thank you so much.

  47. Please email me at and I will send you a link.


  48. This looks great. I’d love to implement it in our youth facilities. Could you send the Sketch Up to

    Also, do you have any lighting techniques or tips that have helped?



  49. Really love this one, where can I get a copy of how to piece it together?

  50. Vanessa Alarcon January 23, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    If any of you would be so kind, I would also want a copy of the sketch up design since I’m mounting the scene for a school event next month. My e-mail is


  51. Love it!!! If possible, can I get a copy of this sketch also. Greatly appreciate it.

  52. I would greatly appreciate a set design.. This is amazing and could be used in many different ways. Thank you..

  53. Love the weave stage!! Such interesting textures it creates! I will be redoing our stage at The Orchard soon, would love to propose this design. Once I have your email, I will send you a design we just did for an Unstoppable series, that was inspired by this site.

    It is all for His’s Glory!

    Thanks, for what you are doing. Cyndi Lee

  54. Hi Jeff I love the design I’d also love to have a copy of the sketch.Thanks.God Bless

  55. I would love to get the sketch up design for this. thanks!

  56. D’ana Heinlein June 14, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    Would LOVE to get the sketch up plans if you could send them. MUCH appreciated – beautiful design!!! God bless!

  57. Hi folks – my church built a set design using Jeff Abbott’s original designs as our guide, but at about 70% of the size. We built two 7′ towers, two 12′ towers, and one 10′ tower, and they’ve worked really well. We just finished using them for a few sermon series, and are getting ready to install a new set design, and I’d love to give them to another church to use rather than disposing of them. We’re located in the Baltimore/DC metro area, so any church who’s interested in inheriting this set design, please let me know. You can email me at

    We’re installing our new set on Wednesday, June 27th, so please let me know asap if you’re interested! We don’t have room to store the towers.

  58. HI JEFF,


  59. Hi Jeff,
    Great design!!!
    Could you send me a sketch up or set of plans please?

  60. Mitchell Schrock January 25, 2013 at 11:34 am

    I’ve got a few questions for you Jeff if you’ve got a minute or two. I’m wondering how you attached the sign board to the fame?

  61. Yolanda Jiménez March 18, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    Hello Jeff:

    Could you send me a copy of the Sketchup design?

    It’s pretty creative and I love the practical it is.

  62. I love this. I know its a little late in the game, but it would be awesome to gt a copy of the sketchup, dimensions, and materials.

  63. Great job!! Love to use this in our new stage, can you pass along your sketch design?

  64. Can you send the Weave plans? Please… and thank-you!

  65. Hi folks, could you email the Weave plans? Please… and thank-you!

  66. Jonathan Vainstein May 27, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    I would love a copy of the design sheet and I would also love some close up pics of the build. Appreciate it very much!

  67. hey jeff,
    we are designing a new stage here in the Renton WA area. with boeing and microsoft and these type of high tech companies we felt the need to design something a bit more modern. I’d like to have the specs for your design, especially the portable stands so i can see how they attach the plastic panels to them. Thanks for the help. Blessings
    Pastor Pooler

  68. Starting to work on the stage design for September 2014. Your design looks simple and light weight. Since we do church at Cooper City High School this will be a good set to install and remove every weekend. Would love to see the wood frame detail. Pics will help. Blessings

  69. Jeff,
    Great design with loads of room to make it unique for each stage application. would love a copy of the sketch up!

  70. Great job Jeff! Please send me your design when u have a moment? Also the sheets you are referring to have small grooves in them? I saw a few of those @ home depot, wanted to confirm it was the right ones. Take care!

  71. Jeff,
    Great design! . Our Church plant has just moved and we are looking to redesign our new stage. I would love a copy of the sketch up if possible! Thanks!

  72. Hey Jeff! Love the design. Could I get a copy of the design as well, if possible? Also, what color of coroplast would you recommend? White or Natural?

  73. Love to get a copy of design,, thanks..

  74. Can you please send me a copy of the design!

  75. Antwann Yocum June 14, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    Can you please email me a copy of this set design?



  76. please send me better pics for the baseline or complet design layout of your inspiring design..i just love this whole design but can’t see exactly how you constructed it, especially the baseline of the main structural frame if any.

  77. Could you send me info on this deign, and possibly how you built it? Thanks

  78. I love your design and it has obviously lasted through the years! Could you please (if they are still available) send me the Sketchup Design? Thank you!

  79. looking to do a stage set for a college function with low budget. would appreciate if you can mail me sketch designs on,

  80. Thanks to Jeff and Jonathan. Please Jeff, can you help me with more pictures showing the rear of the set and the front more clearly. Thanks

  81. If the SketchUp design is still available I would really like to have a copy. Many thanks!

  82. Could I have a copy as well please? Thank you!

  83. I just watched your talk at SaltU. Could I get a copy of the design?

  84. Jeff,

    I would be very thankful for a copy of your design! Thank so much and God bless you!


  85. This is so beautiful! I would love a copy of your design for Easter. God bless!

  86. This is very cool, would love a copy of the design for our school musical. Thanks in advance.

  87. Oh please, I would love to know what you did and how you did it or just the design details please!

  88. Jeff,
    Would love a copy of your design prints. We are getting ready to makeover our platform.
    Thank you for sharing.

  89. Jeff –
    Would love to get a copy of the SketchUp design, if possible. Thank you for sharing!

  90. Hey sir, if you still have your design details, SketchUp, etc. of this stage, I’d love to see it. We haven’t updated our stage in years. Your design might be just what we’re looking for. Thank you very much!

  91. This is a nice stage design. I would like to have that in our church. Can you please send me the details information to have it for iur church stage?

  92. Thus is classic. I would like to have that in our church. Can you please send me the details information to have it for iur church stage?

  93. Would you be willing to share specs? Our pastor loves this but I’m afraid I can’t envision the true depth of it and we have some tight spaces

  94. Jeff, I’d love a copy of your Sketchup plans for this. Thanks and blessings,

  95. Hi Jeff! Thanks for posting this set online, I really love this design. Can you send me a sketchup for this? My email is

    Thanks and many blessings!

  96. Jeff I’d love to see the sketchup for this stage design.
    My e-mail is

    Thank you!

  97. could I please have a sketchup of this stage design

  98. could I please have a sketchup of this stage design

  99. Hello Jeff,
    Thank you for thinking ofthis great idea. I want to help our little show society and do a stage set for them. Would you please send one to me.
    Thank you.

  100. Please send me the details for stage design . ThAnks

  101. Jeff I love your design and would appreciate the scetch up. Thanks

  102. Jeff,

    Wanted to be the first in 2017 to make request for your design plans! Thanks & God bless.

  103. great design. could I have a sketch up

  104. This is a nice design and timeless as it still catches a lot of attention many years after. Pls Jeff i’d also love to get the sketch-up design. Shalom

  105. If you still have this, please send me a copy to

  106. I’d like a copy of stage design please.

  107. I would like a copy of the stage design.
    My email is
    Thank you

  108. I would like a copy of this as well.

  109. can you send me a diagram please

  110. may I have a copy of the sketch design as well. I would love to set this up at my church.

  111. Can you please send me a copy of this sketch design, would love to build something like this for our Easter service.

  112. The Weave design looks perfect for us at Milmay Christian Church! I saw a Youtube video on something similar but would rather have a sketch design from which to work. Can you please send me a copy? Thank you.

  113. Would like to have a plan of how you did the weave pattern.

  114. please, we are in the Mexico City, you can send as the plane of the Sketchup design, thanks, and bless

  115. I know it’s been on here for a while but I would love the file for this design.

  116. Could I also have a copy of the sketchup design? Thank you for offering it!

  117. katherine parra March 1, 2019 at 9:27 am

    please send me a copy

  118. Priscilla Piroro March 25, 2019 at 11:01 am

    Please send me a copy of the sketch designs

  119. Nathan Rasbaugh March 26, 2019 at 10:19 am

    Please send a copy of sketch design with details to

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