Bill Grabowski from Harvest Church in Byron, Georgia brings us this stage design using square paper plates.

This design is somewhat of a mixture between a crossword puzzle and the game Tetris.

They stapled square paper plates to the wall, costing only $80. Then they lit up the set with LED lighting.

IMG_1888.JPG IMG_1909.JPG1 plate stage

9 responses to Platelets

  1. nice design! is the upstage wall drywall or something else?

  2. It is drywall.

  3. would this work with front lighting?

    • We use front lighting. We did have a slight issue with “Batman Ears” showing up on the plates. A small adjustment of the light position fixed the issue.

  4. How many LED lights are you using on these? Also, have you tried environmental projection on them by chance? We plan a yearly teen event and I LOVE this concept! We may end up borrowing this idea.

  5. Brian, we used our existing LED lighting, in total I believe that there are 20-50 LED lights to cover the set. There were many different fixture types which allowed us to mix colors together on the wall, create different areas of shading, and really make the set pop. We did not buy any new lighting (that is one of the reasons it was so varied). We have looked into environmental projection as that would look amazing on them, however at the time this was a better fit for what we were looking to accomplish at this time.

  6. How much space did you put between each plate? Also did you face them frontwards or backwards?

  7. Can you please share what size paper plates you have used and where you purchased them from and approximately how many were used? Thank you!

  8. Can you offer instructions on how you got the plates hung up perfectly square? Did you prepare a grid first?

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