Serene Tang from Faith Community Baptist Church in Singapore brings us this glowing design from the G12 Asia Conference in 2011.

This was their first attempt at sprucing up the stage at the Max Pavilion in Singapore. To keep it from looking too boxy, they went this route.

The lit platforms and steps were created using wood covered (in the front) by white acrylic. The trusses were wrapped in fabric on three sides (allowing light techs easy access to the lights).

The hanging flats were simply planks of wood hung from the trusses.

The light boxes and trusses were lit using LED par cans.


2 responses to Leaning

  1. hi guys, i love your work and this stage is great.
    Can you tell me what led lights models did you used (or recommend me some cheap models i can use to get a similar effect) and how many par cans did you use to iluminate every box, and finally, the par cans are illuminating the boxes from the inside or from the outside?

    My english is not the best, i hope you guys can understand me :)
    God Bless You

    • Hey Daniel,
      I must not have set to receive notifications. Sorry for this late reply.

      I can’t remember what models we used, I’ll go check and get back to you on that.

      We build light boxes and added them to the existing structure. The par cans are placed within the boxes. A clear acrylic piece goes on the front of the box to let light through. Each segment had two LED par cans. I wanted them to be able to light up individually and in different colours.

      The 4 diagonal structures were trusses wrapped in cloth pulled on nice and tight. Each truss had 3 LED par cans in it.

      You can email me at serene.tang@fcbc.org.sg if you wanna discuss it more. We’ve got more photos and videos for reference.

      Glad I could be of help :)


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