Kelly Baum from Garden Way Church in Eugene, Oregon brings us their abstract iPhone stage.

The set incorporates a total of 14′ plywood walls with about 14″ x 14″ cut outs. They attached muslin to the back side with a 1:1 Elmer’s glue and water mix. They also built a few smaller panels to hang in front of their baptismal opening. The smaller panels were 1″x4″ frames. They only weighed about 50 lbs.

Then they set LED fixtures behind the panels with a few gobos bring projected from the front to give it some texture.

Then they generated 24″ x 36″ posters that showcased the focus of each week with a different graphics and attached them to the walls on either side of the sanctuary. Finally, they hung sheets of lighting diffusion gels from the ceiling in squares similar to the ones on stage to bring the scenery into the congregational area.

They spent about $300 total on the design.

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  1. This looks great

  2. This was awesome. Although the cost was “low” from a product cost. I am assuming the labor and planning cost were so much more. This was an excellent way to launch the sermon series. Thank you for everyone involved. In my opinion this is what we need to make the “Church” alive in the 21st Century.

  3. How many light fixtures involved behind the panels.

    Is it just one shining up from floor or does each cutout get
    an individual led fixture..,

    Awesome design.

  4. On the left and right sides of the stage I used a COLORdash Accent shooting up high from about head height approximately 6′ away from the wall (2 total) and then a couple more shooting out across the ceiling to catch the diffusion hanging down. Then I used another set of Chauvet 200B fixtures behind each panel on the floor about 4′ away (7 total). These are not the greatest LEDs in the world but for the budget we had to put the lighting system together a few years ago, it was the most bang for the buck we could get. I have gotten a lot of use out of them over the years.

  5. what kind of material are the small panels?

  6. it’s just natural colored muslin fabric that is glued in place across the opening of the cutout with about 2-4″ overlap around the edges.

  7. I like your work, congratulations. What color is the wall behind the panels?

    • Thank you. The wall behind is kind of a yellow/creme color but I actually pointed the lights at the back of panels from behind.

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