Disco Wall

Kyle Lee from Southpointe Church in Oklahoma City, OK brings us this awesome disco-floor wall.

From Kyle: This design came to my mind as I was making some loops on my Novation Circuit.

There are 76 individually DMX controllable 18”x18” squares. It’s 4 squares high by 19 across. We run the wall with Jands Vista and I’m really pleased with the versatility of it.

We started by covering our plywood with foil using spray adhesive. Then we took the 1x1s and made our squares (18”x18”). After than we drilled a 1/2” hole into the corner of each square for wiring the lights.

Next we lined each square with Supernight 50/50 Waterproof Led Strips. (Sidenote: The adhesive on the back of the strips does not stay very well on the wood. We ended up having to use heavy duty clear packing tape. I’m sure there is a better way lol)

Once the squares were lined with lights we used a ton of RGB extension cable and wired them to 24 Channel DMX decoders. The decoders were powered by 12v 30a power supplies.

Finally we used Savage photo backdrop paper to cover the whole wall with one solid sheet. We used heavy duty black gorilla tape to secure the top and bottom and ends but didn’t stretch the paper as tight as possible because we wanted a little bit of space to cause better light diffusion.

And that’s it! All this came in around $1700.

Some things I would do differently:
1. I wish we would have made it at least 5 square high. I would suggest to anyone that wants to make something like this to always build a center row both horizontally and vertically.
2. I don’t think the foil does much, I think if I did it again i would paint the wood white.
3. Since we bought everything pretty cheap off of Amazon there is a crazy amount of variation in some of the colors from square to square. Not sure if it’s the lights or the decoders. If I were to do it again I’d want to fix that.

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

5 responses to Disco Wall

  1. Are you controlling each square individually? Looks awesome.

  2. It looks amazing!

  3. Looks phenomenal, do you have pictures of the connections behind the squares, I can’t tell if you solder each corner or the LED tape goes all around the entire square. Also is the Savage Paper you used a solid color? thank you!!

    • Hey Dan!
      I don’t have any great pictures of the back at the moment, but basically each square is individually lined with 6ft of led tape and then each 6ft strip is individually connected in to a 24ch DMX decoder. No soldering on the entire wall.
      The photo paper is just solid white

      Hope that helps!

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