3D Pyramids

Bryan Copperthite from Grace Community Church in Fulton, MD brings us this awesome 3D, three pointed modular system.

This concept was inspired by the amazing wall built by The Rock Family Worship Center back in 2013.

They decided to take the concept and turn it into mountains of sorts.


– 20-25 4mm 4’x8′ Coroplast Sheets, mostly gray with a few white cut into 8 equal triangles
– 20 rolls of extra wide Gorilla tape
– Wire rope
– 50′ unistrut
– 6 10′ all thread rods to hang from pipe grid at ceiling

They first had a local woodworker cut the Coroplast sheets into triangles. He used a programmable cutting machine, but a circular saw would do. The triangles were then laid out flat, spaced 1/2″ on each side, and then taped with small pieces at each intersection to hold it together. They used the Gorilla tape to tape all the edges a few rows at a time, turned it over at strategic stages and taped the back side. Note: use a piece of plywood or something of the sort to walk on it!

Once it was done being taped, it was incredibly easy to fold. They laid out the 50′ of unistrut above the peaks, joined the pieces together, and then connected it to the set using wire ropes and grommets. They lifted it using a lift and some manpower with ropes. The unistrut was connected to the ceiling with the all thread rods.

They hung it about 1/2′ to 1′ lower than it would be flat to allow them to mold the slack to give them the desired 3D effect.

Ended up 52′ across and 18′ at the highest peaks.

FullSizeRender IMG_0978IMG_0982 IMG_0988 IMG_0990

34 responses to 3D Pyramids

  1. This is amazing, really well done, Bryan and team!

  2. Is the lighting on the Front or back? Are the lights on the ground or hanging? How many lights?

  3. Love it! Good job guys and gals

  4. I’m with Zac and would love to know those answers! I’m mainly commenting so I can be notified of email when you respond. Also, did you consider using gaffers tape? If so, why or why not? THANKS!

    • We ended up choosing wide Gorilla tape because of the scale and strength, but gaffers tape may work!

      • Hello Bryan,I really love this. I want to do the same at my church but I would really need your help.Is it possible that you can do it completely for me and i pay. I can give you the cm of the stage. Here is my number 004571722230, I need yours pleas. Am writing from Denmark.

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!! Awesome job!!!! It reminds me so much of Elisa Strozyk’s wood textiles which I love so much! Superb!!!

  6. Its amazing! I’m actually thinking of doing a variation of this for our Christmas stage. How/where did you attach ropes/grommets… any type of supports to the back of the structure?

    • Hello! The grommets and wire rope were attached every 2-3 triangles, with every peak attached. We thought we might have to brace the back, but it ended up not being necessary! We taped random places of the bottom to the floor once we had the desired shape.

  7. Vaughn VanSkiver October 15, 2015 at 1:27 pm

    Great design and lighting!

  8. How did you tape the triangles together so perfectly? Each one of your tape lines looks perfectly straight.

    Great design!

  9. Bryan,
    I am a volunteer tech and stage designer for a church not too far from you in Jessup, MD. I have been wanting to use Coroplast, but I’m not sure where to buy it in this area. Can you let me know where you got it and how much it was per sheet? The end result looks great!


  10. Hi Bryan,
    You mentioned cutting the 4’x8′ sheets into 8 triangles. Should it be 16? How did you attach the grommets to the Coroplast?

    This is such an awesome design! Your team did an amazing job!
    I will post pictures when we get ours up!

  11. Great Job!
    I’d like to do something similar for our church. The triangles on the pictures posted look like they are different shades. Did you guys use different shades of grey?

  12. Hey Bryan,

    I love this set! It looks awesome! I read in the comments that you used LED floods for the front lighting of the coroplast. I was just curious about the specific LED fixtures that you guys used. What were they?

  13. What’s the cost 323 299 1881

  14. I have been going through and looking at past designs and yours still captures my attention. Question: Did you need to cut all of those triangles or could you have simply connected large, maybe 4′ x 8′ sheets of coroplast, and made the triangles with the Gorilla tape?

    • Hi… I did this same set at my church.

      Yes, you have to cut the triangles out. It’s what enables the set to fold into the different angles so the lights give it different shades. It cuts easily with a utility knife. Also, some things I learned, keep a 1/4 to 1/2 gap between the triangles so it folds easy.

  15. Hello Bryan,I really love this. I want to do the same at my church but I would really need your help.Is it possible that you can do it completely for me and i pay. I can give you the cm of the stage. Here is my number 004571722230, I need yours pleas. Am writing from Denmark.

  16. Hi Bryan,
    Look great!
    Is this the sort of thing you could completely fold up and transport easily?

  17. Hey, thanks for your Design!
    Cna you help me with some questions?
    You take all those small Triangles and tape then to another triangle edge to edge.
    Do you leave a space between them, or does it bend eitherway?
    Then, I don’t understand how you manage to make the 3D Effect.
    How do you make them stay the way they are bent?

    Greets, Alexander

    • Yes, leave 1/4″ to 1/2″ between the triangles. When you hang them, let the entire wall rest on the floor slightly and help the triangles bend both ways. The 3D effect comes from the light hitting the triangles at different angles.

      • And how do you make the triangles stay the way they are bent?

        • Gravity mostly. If you need to, you can position them and add more tape at the seam where needed. You will find that with floor lighting, each triangle doesn’t need to be at a different angle, that it’s more like a rock wall or mountain. Also if you need to, you can attach string to the back side and attach it to the stage wall to suck it back in a few places. The trick to the whole project was the floor lighting. Creating shadows gives it the 3D effect and it doesn’t take drastic angles with the triangles to create that. And, of course, with God, all things are possible. I always try to remember that God gave us this talent, we use it to glorify Him…. He will never disappoint!

  18. Vaughn A VanSkiver March 6, 2017 at 9:54 am

    What is the size of the triangles?

  19. Hallo
    Rick, please i have a question about the light. What kind of light did you use? And was the light on floor or was it hanged at the back of the triangles.
    Will be expecting your reply

  20. The only issue we had with our build is that the tape started giving, I believe it was to the heat in the building, air conditioning is only only two days out of the week. Now we did hang ours, that may also of have contributed to it as well.

    We did go back and use 4″ cable ties instead.

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