Wrinkles in Time

Duane Dodge from Rock Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada brings us the renovation of their church stage.

They started by building the truss towers from wood. They covered the towers with clear Coroplast and clear fiberglass panels. They held them in place with velcro so they could easily change the look of them.

To create the texture, they used bright aluminum window screen. They also used the same window screen material inside a frame they built for the cross.

They used stretched spandex to form the shape behind the cross and under the projection screens.

Behind the aluminum screen they hung black landscape fabric. It comes on a roll 48″ wide and 150′ long for $40.


They used all LED fixtures to light the set. The towers were lit with 4 X-Focus wall washers from Theatrixx. The texture drops were lit with 4 LED Tri Bar from Microh. Then they used 8 LED tir tours from Chauvet to light the rest of the set.

7 responses to Wrinkles in Time

  1. Duane,

    This looks amazing! Great job! Keep up the work for God’s glory.


  2. Fantastic transformation!

  3. Great use of your space…..really dig it!

  4. Very nice. I like this a lot

  5. I love the texture towers. What did you do to create the texture on the screen?

  6. Great Job Guys!

  7. I’m also very interested in how you wrinkled up the aluminum screen. Was there a method involved or did you just randomly wrinkle it up? Around the cross especially, it looks like you were careful to space out the wrinkles. What did you do? We want to use this texture for our Easter Production this year.

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