Woven Plastic Poster Board

Jeremiah Karr from Element Church in Cheyenne, WY brings us their take on the ever popular The Weave using different materials.

Their stage is 30 ft long, 12 ft deep and 9 ft from the ceiling. They had a bunch of 2×4’s lying around that they reused for this set. Then they bought four 4×8′ sheets of plastic poster board–not quite coroplast and it’s not quite poster board. Plastic poster board is strong enough to not tear and flexible enough to not crease. They cut each piece of the plastic poster board down to 16 in x 4 ft.

Their two center “towers” were 8 feet tall and the two outer towers are roughly 5 ft 3 in. To allow them to reuse the plastic sheets they velcroed them to the wooden frames. They built two wooden bases to place on each side of the stage, then set a truss up on each base. Then they hooked four trusses together and wedged them onto the standing trusses to get that rectangle boxed in feel.

5 responses to Woven Plastic Poster Board

  1. this is fantastic! can you tell me where the plasic poster board can be purchased?

    • Hey Nanci we bought these from a local sign shop here in in town, so i’m pretty sure you can get them at any sign shop. It’s not corroplast, and it’s not just posterboard. It’s like right in the middle. Go into your sign shop and ask for a plastic like poster board that bends but doesn’t crease and they will set you up!

  2. Can you tell me how much your whole set cost?

  3. very creative. so how big can u get these boards. like a panel perhaps to cover a single wall? and do these boards come in various colors ? thnks

  4. What lights are you using for the uplighting?

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