Wood Works

Jeff Abbott from Ada Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI brings us these really cool wood screen panels.

Continuing with the desire to lean into using negative space, Jeff designed this wooden screen set.

Using 1x12x96 as the base material, they cut the wood into 18″ lengths and then CNC’d a square hole in the panels. All the panels were then drilled with 1 of 2 hole configurations; holes in a line, or holes on an angle with a drilling fixture he designed. He had a local fabrication shop make the drill fixture for me.

Using 1/4″ wooden dowels the panels were pinned together using the dowels creating a free-standing structure.

Download the Sketchup file here.

2014-12-23 13.10.21 2014-12-23 13.17.21 2014-12-26 13.35.29 2015-01-03 17.23.34 2015-01-04 08.51.21 2015-01-05 18.56.18 2015-01-05 20.55.16 2015-01-11 09.36.00 2015-05-30 18.00.22 Double IMG_1327   IMG_1341 IMG_1348 IMG_1350 IMG_1362 IMG_1364 IMG_9429 IMG_9438 IMG_9464 IMG_9477 IMG_9482 IMG_9495 IMG_9496 IMG_9522 IMG_9543 large text 4 large text 5

One response to Wood Works

  1. Jeff,

    This set is amazing! Phenomenal job. I love the depth within it! Way to serve the kingdom of God amazingly!!!!


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