Matt Stieger from Crossroads Christian Church in Macon, Missouri brings us this hard wood version of the Weave.

To create the “hard weave” they used 4×8 sheets of maple paneling. They cut the pieces into 4ft x 16″ and 20″strips. They created the triangle bases out of 2×4’s. The front posts were 4 ft apart and the back of the triangle was 22″ deep. It required about 10 sheets of paneling.

They used screws to hold the frame together and heavy duty staples to attach the panels.

The cost of the stage was around $220.

The two outside towers were 8ft tall and the middle towers were 12.5 ft tall. They lit them from the bottom with par 64 LED can lights.

One response to Wingspan

  1. I loved this design! In fact, when they took it down to do the next stage design I actually missed it. Thanks for working so hard on fresh and appealing ideas!

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