Throwback: Whoville Trees

Dean Stelow from Northbrook Church in Richfield, WI brings us these Christmas trees straight from Cindy Lou Who in Whoville. (From Dec 2011)

This Christmas design consisted of 20 4×8 sheets of corrugated plastic, large buffalo snow blankets, bases and pipes used for pipe and drape (rented), Gorilla tape, white PVC tape, and 12 LED lights (rented).

The trees were traced on corrugated plastic using a graphic projected with an old overhead projector. They were then cut out using utility razors. The seams were taped together using clear packing tape on the back and white PVC tape on the front. They were taped to the pipes with Gorilla tape. The pipes were then placed on 35lb metal bases. Trees with light behind them were painted on the backside with white interior paint to prevent the shadows of the pips and tape being seen.

Then they ordered a large snow blanket online and added gobo snowflakes around the room. Awesome!

22 responses to Throwback: Whoville Trees

  1. This looks amazing! Keep up the great work for the Kingdom of God. Phenomenal job!


  2. Easy alternative to a snow blanket: polyester quilt batting. It’s easy to find, relatively cheap, and inherently fire retardant!

  3. I love this design. Definitely one of my favorite Christmas/winter designs.

  4. Wow I’m gettting married this weekend at Northbrook this looks amazing. I can not wait to see it in person! I love I love I LOVE!!!

  5. That looks amazing !!! Great job !!!

  6. Very nice, everything has a smooth glow to it.

  7. Great job! Very clean, smooth and inspiring.

  8. I love this design! We are wanting to do something similar to your trees this Christmas. Did you purchase a graphic for them or did someone draw it out for projection? If it was purchased can you tell me where you got it?


    • We LOVE this design! Can you email me the source of the tree graphics you used?

      • Hey bro, I love this design, we are doing a whoville themed Christmas party I’d love to decorate the stage in a similar way. could you please send me the graphic you used for the trees?

    • This is Great!
      Did you or anyone get a response on where the graphic came from? I’d love to do something like this for a kids church program Im involved in


    • I was just curious if you ever received the graphic? This goes with our Christmas theme this year and would love to get the tree graphic if you have it. Thank you in advance!

  9. Hey we are using your whoville trees as inspiration this year for our stage design :) absolutely LOVE it! I was wondering where you purchased your snow from? I am having a hard time finding any.

    Thanks so much:)

  10. I love this design and look forward to seeing how ours looks for our Christmas Production this year! Where did you get the graphics for your trees? How can I get my hands on it?

    • Did you every get information on the graphic for the trees. We are looking for the same thing. Love this stage design!

    • This is Great!
      Did you or anyone get a response on where the graphic came from? I’d love to do something like this for a kids church program Im involved in


  11. Does anyone have the deign files for these trees?

  12. That looks amazing !!! Great job !!!

  13. I know this is very delayed form the original post! Love this set design and it goes perfectly with our Christmas theme this year. Do you still have the graphic used for the trees by any chance?

    Heather Allen

  14. Do you have a jpeg or png of these trees? Did you freehand them?

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