WFX ’12

August 22, 2012

The folks at WFX have offered two CSDI readers tickets to their conference and expo this September in Atlanta. You can sit in on my stage design session. Then we could grab coffee. Sweet!

Plus, they’ve offered a coupon code to get your entrance to the expo for free or to the conference for a discounted rate.

To enter for the free tickets you simple need to leave a comment on this post by Saturday, August 25th at 11:59pm CST. We’ll pick two comments at random to receive the tickets.

To get the coupon codes to get to WFX or Unite for a super discounted rate, sign up for the weekly email newsletter. We’ll send out the coupon codes on Sunday, August 26th with the regular email.

Good luck!

37 responses to WFX ’12

  1. Leaving my comment. This would awesome!

  2. Yeth, I do believe that the opportunitay to go to WFX ’12 would be amathing. Pleath accept thith comment ath my entry into the drawing.

    Thank you very much!

  3. Comment here!

  4. This would be incredible! Consider this my comment!

  5. Looking forward to it.

  6. randomly pick me please!

  7. That would be dandy!

  8. I wanna go! That would be an awesome experience!

  9. Here is my comment. This would be great.

  10. Planting a church, hoping to start on the stage design and have it in place by mid Oct. Please let this serve as a entry…

  11. This would be amazing!!! God is good and I know who ever gets chosen will have a great time and learn a lot!! I’m joyful for whoever the winner is.

  12. Love this website. We recently used one of the set designs in our new stage configuration. The church in Wisconsin not only sent us their technical drawings but gave us consultation on the lighting package to purchase. What a blessing.

    Would love to have coffee in Atlanta.

    Greg Ashley
    Creative Arts Director
    CrossWalk Community Church
    Williamsburg, VA

  13. Commenting!

  14. Vickie Wuellner August 22, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    This would be incredible…please put me in!
    Thanks, vickie

  15. Put me in on the drawing

  16. Our church has been transitioning this past year and as we grow to be more creative like the greatest Creator of them all, I know this conference would be great for our staff! Thanks for all you do CSDI! Keep it up.

  17. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to go to WFX? But the better question is who wouldn’t want to have coffee with Jonathan Malm?

    Great blog sir.

  18. ok… here’s my offer. i’ll buy the coffee :) and atl is my home, so i have the inside scoop. thanks for the offer!

  19. That would be sweet! Keep it real and thanks for all the awesome ideas and tips.

  20. I don’t usually win contests, but you have the opportunity to change all that.

  21. Hey!

    Noah Upton here! New Worship and Creative Arts Pastor at Heartland Community Church! I am getting new ideas for our stage remodel everyday from this website and would love to go to this conference!!! This Church hasn’t had a remodel in a very very long time…it’s time to bring it up to speed! 2013 HERE WE COME! Bring on the conference!!!

  22. cool beans

  23. HotLanta sounds great (I’m only about an hour away…). I’m in. And Jonathan–I’ll even pay for coffee.


  24. Here’s my comment. This would be awesome as we are working to revamp our stage designs as well as working on designing a church plant.

  25. Been kicking around this conference all summer. Picking me would be amazing.

  26. Would love to go!!!!

  27. I’ve never been to WFX, and would love to go! That would be amazing!

  28. Comment! Never been to WFX – it’d be great to go!

  29. So…how would one “randomly” draw folks from a comments page? And does that question qualify me to possibly be drawn…randomly? Seriously, this sounds like a great time, and I’d love to go!

  30. Please consider a youth ministry college student!!
    I would love to join you!

  31. Leaving my comment!

  32. I’d love to go!

  33. Am I too late?