Weld Over Wood

Joe Delph from Porter Memorial Baptist Church in Lexington, KY brings us this stage for their student ministry.

They were looking for a simple, but awesome backdrop for our stage. One of their pastors had some extra lumber (Poplar, Cedar, Cotton Wood, and Walnut) that he donated to the project. First, they laid out their measurements and built a simple wall with studs set on 16 in centers. You could get a way with 24 in if you wanted to save some money. Then, they stained some of the wooden planks of various widths while leaving others with no stain. All of this was planned given the color pallet of the room. Second, they alternated the boards both by color and widths to give a stack but non-uniform look. Finally, they attached their logo made from 1/4 in steel and painted black. After attaching it to the existing wall, they lit up the room. They will also be attaching some LED lighting to the back of the logo in the coming weeks to give the backdrop a more 3D appearance.

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11 responses to Weld Over Wood

  1. Where did you get the custom logo metal sign? I would love to order our own

  2. We love this! How much did this cost?

  3. How much did this cost? We love this!

    • Tyler,

      Thanks for your question and kind comment. The entire finish lumber was donated and the rest of the materials were purchased at Lowe’s (stain, poly, screws, framing lumber, etc.). The metal work was the majority of the cost. Total, we have a little over $300 in the project. I worked alongside some great volunteers with the labor so that was a great way to save some money and have a great time of fellowship also.


  4. Great project! quick question: how did you guys attached the Flat Screen Tv’s to the wall? I see the light frame attached to the ceiling, can you share same idea on how?

    I wonder because I have a similar set up and was thinking to use tv stands

    Thanks in advance, God bless!

    • Daniel,

      Thanks for your comments and questions. First, our room is in the basement of the church so we have solid concrete walls. TV stands are a little bulky and they take up valuable real estate. Our TV’s are attached using regular angle flat screen mounts. They were in place when I arrived at the church. All mounting hardware is rated for concrete so it will be sure to hold for a long time.


      Joe Delph

  5. This is a wall in my youth room. I love the design!

  6. This is the church I grew up and graduated in. I love that the basement got some love! Good work Joe.

  7. Hey man, what stains did you use for all the colors on the wood? Great job btw!!

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