Weaved Easter

Sean King from Bethany Christian Assembly in Everett, WA brings us this weave design for Easter.

This was inspired by a design they saw on CSDI. They decided to take the single wall to the next level and remodel their entire front stage.

This was in the “weave” style of several designs seen on the website. They elected a sharp edged wall rather than a rolling style. This did create some challenges for them as we began hanging the horizontal pieces.

They began by painting the entire crowd-facing wall black to frame in the screens and make the rest of the design “pop.” Then they used 2×4 frame, then nailed to them 1x4s cut at with opposing angles, some inside, some outside facing to catch the walls as they came in or out of the weave.

Using a level, they worked from left to right, 4.5″ off of the floor using 3-2/4’s as blocks and attached with brad nails. After the first wall and many setbacks, they discovered that it was easiest to attach the outsides only, then attach the insides. They added 1×2″ blocking behind the pieces moving outward.

To finish the walls they used black 1×4’s painted black and added flat sheets of the paneling across the header.

They used very inexpensive Chauvet slim par 56’s for the top and ADJ Ultra Bar 10s on the bottom. The entire lighting system, 22 fixtures, cost around $2900. The lumber including paneling plus hardware was probably around $1,500.

The cross was built using simple 1×2″s and Coroplast. It was 16′ tall and had a 9′ cross member. 12″ wide and 10″ deep.

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