Samuel Supimpa from IBAJI – Batista Jardim das Indústrias in São José dos Campos, Brazil brings us these warm, low budget luminaries and pallet wall.

Their space was very limited, and they needed a space to interview people.

All the items were donated or recycled. And it was all made by people who had never done stage design before for $100.

Their stage was 16feet long and about 8 feet deep. They had 3 inflatable chairs (borrowed) and made 6 large string luminaries our of string, glue, and an inflatable round form inside.

They also made small luminaries to complete the look.

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8 responses to Warmth

  1. Very cool! Great example of how you can recycle something mundane and not very interesting and turn it into something hip and eclectic looking on a very small budget. Great use of available resources. Somebody had their creative thinking cap on!

  2. How did you make the lights?

  3. Zebadiah Smith July 16, 2013 at 4:15 pm

    I’ve found those lights before. You can look up tutorials on line, but essentially you soak a hemp string in wood glue and wrap it around a beach ball or balloon til it dries. Then POP! you got a lamp shade

  4. Could you please show a pic of the pallets? I would like to see how you braced them.

    • Samuel Supimpa July 29, 2013 at 1:07 am

      We’ve braced them with regular door hinges… 3 of them ;)
      It gave us a nice stability and mobility same time.

  5. We love this look…especially for the price. We are about to do this in our Children’s worship center. Here’s my question, would there be a way to get some kind of LED light in the “lamps” so we could change the color of the lamps from our DMX computer? Obviously a par can wouldn’t work. I’ve seen LED strips but I don’t think they are DMX controllable from our computer. I may be blowing the budget up for this project, but I was just curious.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  6. Olá.
    Curti muito a cenografia…estou querendo fazer algo parecido naminha igreja…mas em medidas maiores

    Como voces uniram os pallets Verticalmente ??
    E o que usaram para apoialos no chão? construiram algum pézinho ou algo do tipo ??

    Parabéns pela idéia

    God Bless

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