Wall of Falling Cards

Lynne Byler from Woodcrest Chapel in Columbia, MO brings us this cool wall of hanging rectangles.


  • Foam Poster Boards 20×30 (purchased at Dollar Tree)
  • Fishing line with higher test
  • Fishing Weights
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Box Knife
  • Metal Ruler
  • Sewing Needle
  • Yard Stick

They cut foam poster boards into 5×10 rectangles using a box knife and metal ruler. A larger sewing needle was used to create a hole in similar width to the fishing line. They measured off 20 feet of fishing line using a yard stick and threaded the rectangles on the line. 14 rectangles gave them their desired look. They stretched the string across the floor then laid the threaded rectangles on the floor flat with an inch to two inches between each rectangle.

After getting the spacing finalized, they used a hot glue gun to put a dab of glue on each hole/thread. Be sure to have the glue on the underside of the rectangle so it doesn’t slide down. Hang strands at desired locations and tie a heavy fishing weight to the bottom to keep the strand hanging plum. All this cost around $60.

Back Wall Unlit.JPG Close Up.JPG Full Stage 2 Full Stage Lead Clos Up

18 responses to Wall of Falling Cards

  1. This set is outstandingly amazing!!!!!! Brilliant idea and beautiful execution. Lynne you and your team are amazing! Great job!!!!!

  2. You guys Rock!!!

    Thanks for doing God’s work!

  3. Is this lighted from top and bottom or just from the bottom. If so, what did you use to light up this platform. We are going to try something similar and would love any details you can give us.

    • The only lights we had on the rectangles were from below. We had 12 Chauvet ColorPalettes lined up on the floor below the set. We didn’t have any lighting from above specifically meant for lighting the set but sometimes we did aim some of our movers from above to hit the rectangles. In the pic with the red & purple there are a couple Martin TW1’s lighting them from above. My favorite thing to do was to use our Mac 575’s to shine rotating gobos on the rectangles. It made them dance!
      Hopefully that helps!

  4. How far apart were they placed?

  5. Hi, How far apart did you hang each strand of fishing line?

  6. What kind and how many lights did you guys use on the bottom. The ones that are near the drum riser.( On the bottom shining across the stage)

  7. Hi! First off this looks amazing! Excited to do this backdrop! I wanted to know when fishing line was sewed through the board, were they all sewed in the middle of each board? Is there a measurement for that??

    • Maricel,
      When I made holes in the rectangles, I didn’t make all of them exactly center. By scattering the holes so some are in center, a bit higher or lower, allowed the rectangles to hang in different directions.

  8. This looks amazing! I’m thinking about making this backdrop for a college ministry retreat.. How many poster boards did you have to buy to make this? Also, how wide was your stage and how long was your fishing line for each string (height of the stage)?

  9. What is the width of the entire backdrop?

  10. Our church used this design and it looked fantastic! We have taken it down and boxed it up. If anyone is interested in purchasing ours you may reply to this comment. The falling cards covered about a 16’H x 50’ wide stage wall area.

    • We would be interested!!!! How much are you asking?? We would need more, but to have part of it done would be awesome!!

      • Camille Schmidt January 3, 2019 at 3:03 pm

        We spent over $150 on the foam core (through Amazon). I would be open to your best offer…and would need to cover shipping expenses to get it to you. Also, to note…we found that we didn’t need the weights added to the ends of each strand, so ours don’t have that.

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