Throwback: Waiting in Lines

Camron Ware working with Planet Wisdom Conference brings us this great use of projection and wood slats.

They basically took white wood slats, hung them spaced out with chain, and suspended them from pipe and drape which they blacked out. Camron used Hitachi ultra-short throw projectors to project motion/imagery on them. It created a cool, cheap versa-tube effect!

Check out the Visual Worshiper Facebook page to see some videos of the event.

13 responses to Throwback: Waiting in Lines

  1. Awesome idea. I love the lighting BTW.

  2. Amazing! Love how the projection is done and the lighting. Well done!

  3. Crazy!! Are those neon tubes on the truss the change color and strobe ?

  4. so good and creative,im getting more convinced about the shor throw projecters.whats are the small truss like in the corners of the stage

  5. What Lighting fixtures are you using?

  6. looks awesome. one of the best on this site. what is your gear list ?

  7. Movers are Elation design wash/spot w/ custom gobos, the LED bars are ADJ mega tri bars. Great for eye candy!

  8. Hitachi A200 in the pic, recently swapped out to A301.

  9. How did you deal with the overscan from the projectors on the wood slats

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