Vintage Warmth

Ryan Huggins from Christ Community Church in Ardmore, OK brings us this warm stage design.

They wanted to use lots of warm, earth tones while bringing in some relics of years past.

A black backdrop was first and created a dramatic blank slate. They used 10’x20′ fabric sheets from backdropexpress stapled to a 2×4 mounted into the wall studs. This was by far the most difficult part. They mounted the 2×4 first, then used a scissor lift to hold the fabric in place and staple it. Next time, Ryan would pre-measure and pre-staple it to the “rod” then lift it to mount to the wall. Those slanted ceilings were tough to get it to hang straight.

For the wooden backdrop, a 2×4 frame was built in three pieces, two triangles on the sides, and a rectangle in the middle. They layed out their studs every 20″ since most pallet boards are 40″ long. Then mounted pallet boards to the frame with a brad nailer. The pallet boards were donated, already in pieces, from a man in their church who owns a pallet company…(how convenient!)

They replaced some can lights with an Edison bulb fixture found on that have six bulbs and strands per light. They were attached to the ceiling with supplied hooks to achieve various lengths. These were on dimmer switches, which was a must for the ambiance they were going for.

The vintage pieces were found at estate sales, garage sales, antique stores, and junk stores in two states. The rugs were ordered new from an online warehouse.

This upgrade cost approximately $1500-2000.

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  1. We are interested in using this church photo as a backdrop for our booth at WFX. Who can I contact to get a high res image of the photo and ask permission to use it?

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