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Jordan Christie from Hillcrest Baptist Church Spanish Trail Campus in Pensacola brings us this great LED tape design.

From Jordan: For this stage design we wanted to create something very modern feeling. We also wanted to try using LED tape for the first time. The 10’x13′ frames were constructed of 2x4s painted black. 1×2 furring strips were then attached to the frames to create the chevron patterns. 16 rolls of 5050 LED RGB strips were used to illuminate the chevron pattern. We used a double sided tape used for scrapbooking to secure the LED strips to the wood. This tape works surprisingly well. We did use a few staples at the peak of the chevron to hold the bends in place. Just standard office size staples. No zip ties! Each strip is controlled by 2 DMX controllers we built that tie into our main lighting system and are controlled from the light board. Each controller has two power distributors with each distributor feeding 4 DMX decoders. Using ribbon cable we connected the LED leads to the ribbon cable and ran it down the back of the frame to the DMX decoders. (I used the controller design I saw here https://www.churchstagedesignideas.com/led-by-the-spirit/ )

This set took 1 person 5 days to complete. With volunteers it would come together very quickly. The toughest part was putting together the DMX controllers.

Total Budget for this stage design was $750. Overall I am very happy with how the set turned out. There have been some color matching issues with some of the LED strips. From what I understand this is a common frustration when using cheaper Chinese made LEDS. Its most notable on oranges & yellows.






3 responses to Up Stacks

  1. Michael Hester May 24, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    Hope you covered those exposed termination blocks….Ouch to whoever touches them if you didn’t.

    • Jordan Christie May 25, 2017 at 8:07 am

      Haha! Oh yeah, man! The terminal strips were covered. We used a low profile black Tupperware tub that the controllers sat inside of. Not looking to kill anyone! Lol!

  2. Looks Great! Thanks for posting the links too.

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