Stan Brantley at First Baptist Oviedo in Oviedo, Florida brings us this bunch of twisted metal memorializing the fall of the Twin Towers.

They wanted to simulate the look of the Word Trade Center towers collapsed on their stage. They knew using real I-beams wasn’t an option, so they used styrofoam to create the I-beams, large chunks of concrete, and the cross.

They used wet painting techniques and monster mud to give the pieces dimension. Then they painted everything to give it a rustic look.

To make it look like fire ate away at the beams they used nail polish and cheap spray paint that corrodes away styrofoam.

In the middle of the service they used invisible paint on the set to write “God’s House”, then kicked on black lights for the writing to appear during a song. They also raised the cross up from rubble during their last song using a linear actuator that was attached to the styrofoam cross. They triggered it from the light board.

Every piece weighed less than 10 pounds.

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  1. Amazing Job Stan! That looks super realistic. The set is great, and it is lit very very well. Keep up the great work for the kingdom.


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