Throwback: Treepees

Steven Hall at Northland Church in Longwood, Florida brings us this Christmas masterpiece. (Throwback from Dec 2010) The trees were created from arranging 1″ steel poles screwed into a 1.5″ thick plywood base. The poles came from a congregation member that owns a set company but they should be available at electrical suppliers or Home Depot. For a cheaper alternative, though, you might want to check into PVC. Gotta love options and inspiration!

5 responses to Throwback: Treepees

  1. omar lozano-munoz December 15, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    that is really cool!

  2. What a really awesome simple look…. I'll have to remember that for next year.

    My favorite picture is the one of the lighting programmer, tinkering with a visualizer showing a 3D "reality" with reality 50' right behind it…. maybe I am missing the point here?!? please advise.

  3. There was a method to our madness in using a visualizer. I was programming with the real rig and George (our main designer) was programming in the visualizer. We had a very limitied time to program services, so we both programmed and would merge the show and switch desks every few hours.

  4. Sweet spread of lighting over the whole room. How long did you guys spend programing for a service?

    • Hey Ryan! Here's Steven's response:
      "Collectively we spent about 30 hours programming.  Setup was about another 30.  Plus about 4 hours of Rehearsal.  George and I tagged off sleeping / programming every couple hours the day and a half-ish we had to program during.  A normal service normally takes us around 6 to 8 hours to program depending on the set list."

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