Towers of Light Covers

Charlie Perkins from Raleigh First Assembly in Raleigh, North Carolina brings us these cool light box towers.

He created the light boxes from wood frames painted black. The inserts were fluorescent light covers bought from Lowes. They came in 2×4 sheets. Each box had an LED fixture in the top and bottom of the box. The total material costs were around 500 dollars.

9 responses to Towers of Light Covers

  1. What LED fixtures were used?

  2. Nice thought to used the florescent light covers!

  3. But if you are sitting to one side of the stage, you cannot see the screen or half the words to the songs! So, it is no conducive to congregational participation!

    • (Just for thought)
      Depends on how many screens are in the room, and what they use them for. This picture has limitations. They may have several screens. Or, it's possible that they aren't used for lyrics.

  4. Are the frames just made of like 1×2's?

  5. Drew the panels where 2×4. For the sides we just cut the them in half making it 2 feet off the wall. There not in this picture but there where 2 front light boxes as well. These were the same material but turned long wise in a triangle pattern. The 2 pictured were 16 feet high and the other 2 where 12 feet tall. The LED's where American DJ Mega Panel's.

  6. These lights add so much to the atmosphere of our worship center. The effects greatly enhance both the worship experience and the experience during the sermon. Good job, Pastor Charlie. I can't wait to see what you bring to our church stage next!

  7. brittany Perry July 26, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    What color florescent covers did you use? White or clear? Im trying to figure out if this way or stretchy material would work better/last longer? Any thoughts?

  8. Monte Crosswhite January 5, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    What material was the boxes made out of? We love them in our church and are planning to do something similar in our church. Thanks

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