Towers and Squiggles

Elliot Matson from Cypress Bible Church in Cypress, Texas brings us this beautiful Christmas stage design.

They set up black pipe and drape in the back of the stage to visually give the stage more contrast and depth, and hung 20 strings of Christmas lights from the top. Then they used several ropes to pull the hanging Christmas lights up to the catwalks, and then attached all of them to the dimming system with stage pin to Edison adapters.

The 6 shorter columns on stage were made of Coroplast several years ago, and the remaining ones were truss pieces covered in white spandex. All of these are uplit by LED pars. The truss columns also had Christmas lights inside to double as a more incandescent look. The 3 pairs of lights were some par 38 fixtures they had. The center pair was resting on the scaffold that the 4 moving washes were sitting on, and the outside 2 pairs were on tripod stands.

The Edison bulb lamps were made out of PVC pipe and wood Elliot had lying around at home, along with some metal lamp covers and lamp cords/sockets. He soldered all of the electronics together and glued the socket into the top of the tube, then glued a piece of 4×4 on the other end that he had drilled a large hole in. He then used a Dremel to cut a notch for the cord to come out, tied a knot in it for strain relief, and screwed that assembly onto a base. He then spray-painted the entire thing (with painters tape over the cord and socket).

The equipment used was:
-52 strings of Christmas lights
-6 Par38 fixtures
-5 Edison lamps
-ETC Sensor 24 channel portable(ish) rack
-8 Blizzard G-MAX 150
-8 Chinese RGBWA+UV Moving washes
-10 Chauvet Colorado 1 Tri Tour (back/down lighting)
-20 Chinese RGBW LED Pars (Columns/back lighting)

The dimmers were controlled by a Leprecon LPX-48, and the intelligent fixtures were controlled by Chamsys MagicQ running on his Microsoft Surface.

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  1. Awesome job Elliot!! You are very creative and CBC is blessed to have you!

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