The Umbrella Gap

Christopher Law from SpringHill Camps brings us this design from their women’s retreat.

To create the horizontal lines, they used plywood boards and cut them into 8’x8″ strips. They hung each wood slat from chains connected to each other. They white washed the boards and wiped it off after some of it absorbed into the wood. This lightened the wood without getting rid of the wood texture. Then they projected (short throw projectors) onto the boards using ProPresenter and a TripleHead2Go connected to a Mac. They masked each slat to reduce light spill.

They added upside down umbrellas to accent and fill the middle gaps.

They used slow motion graphics for worship and still graphics for teaching. Some drama elements included specific graphics and text projected on individual boards or sections.

2 responses to The Umbrella Gap

  1. I am interested in what kind of short throw projector you are using there. I am looking into some short throws but your picture looks ultra short.

    • Matt,

      We used 3x Sanyo PLC-WL2500 projectors on this set. These work good at sized under 110″ wide. After that, due to the lens type there is rounding on the top and bottom of the image. We were not after any pixel perfect masking and from a distance its not as noticeable with moving textures. Its becomes very evident with text however.

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