The Holey Wall

Rusty Burchard at Ridge Church in Charlotte, North Carolina brings us this holey grid created from PVC pipe!

Rusty started with a 4″ PVC pipe and cut it into 1″ slices using a radial arm saw. He then glued the pieces together into a 3’x3′ square using an industrial hot glue gun. The grids were hung in a checkerboard pattern from the truss using wire ties. The total setup took 704 circles.

To light the lot, Rusty used 6 Coemar LED ParLite fixtures–three on each side.

10 responses to The Holey Wall

  1. DUDE! nice work! i'm digging it. so how did the glue hold up? anything you would do different with the design / construction? how about a heavy duty PVC glue?

    keep it up!


    • Thanks. It took longer than I thought to cut the pipe. Hot glue worked well short term. It was only up 4 weeks. If I had planned to keep it or store it PVC glue would have been a better choice.

      • We would like to use this for our youth retreat. Do you have the exact spec’s. for the truce and spacing of the squares? Maybe a drawing, etc.

        JP Stafford

        • Hey John, It’s pretty simple. This is the pipe I used.
          4″ SCH 40 PVC – Lowes Item #: 87673
          I used a radial arm saw to slice it like bread into 1″ pieces. (Took awhile and I almost burned up the saw)
          I built a 3’x3’ID frame out of wood 2×4
          Using an Industrial hot glue gun – Lowes Item #: 65232 (not from Walmart) putting a good amount of glue on each side of the circles, glued them together until I had a 3’x3’square. PVC glue will be more permanent but will take awhile to set, so you my need to build more wood frames.

          I built a total of 11 squares. I hung them from Global tri-truss. In the picture you see it is 10′ tall and 20′ wide. I overlapped each square by two circles so I would have a little more support from top to bottom.

          Hope that helps.

  2. Rusty, it looks looks abolutely inspiring. I love the detail, What a great idea. Grandma M.

  3. Very crafty and looks awesome! Great job!!

  4. I think it is very inventive! I like the way the lighting changes the look…. Wondering if I can make giant letters out of it??? Any thoughts? Great Job!

  5. I pastor in Charlotte also (The Praising Place). Would love for you to come by and give some suggestions. Please contact me through our web – thanks

  6. Where did you buy White 4″ PVC? I checked Home Depot, Lowes & a plumbing shop & they don’t carry it.
    Thanks, Dan

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