Textured Horizons

Taylor Whiddon from Hope Fellowship in Frisco, TX brings us these textured horizontal panels inspired by Buckhead Church in Georgia.

They used Coroplast, butcher paper, and PVC pipe for this design.

They made 10 ft sections of the design and hung each one using hefty wire. Each section would consist of a 2×10′ Coroplast sheet (these were cut from the warehouse where they purchased them), crinkled white butcher paper sprayed glued onto the Coroplast sheets, then one and a half inch PVC pipe to cap off the bottom and top of each section. The Coroplast was zip tied onto the PVC. They screwed in eye hooks to the top piece of each PVC and each 10ft section hung from the one above it. They used one and a half inch PVC couplers to make all the 10ft sections come together as one.

The side sections you see were 6ft sections of the design. Rather than hanging them, these were drilled into the walls.

Places of purchase….
White Coroplast – www.coroplast.com
White Butcher Paper – www.discountschoolsupply.com
PVC Pipe – Lowes/Home Depot

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5 responses to Textured Horizons

  1. Nice set, but how do you like that phoenix drum shield? Iv’e been thinking about getting one. Does it work well? Do the drums still sound good in with the reflections? Which model is that?

    • I have the same question as Joey!

    • I work with Taylor at Hope. We love the Phoenix enclosure. It was one of their first smaller ones, I can’t remember how the identify their models.

      Our room seats around 1,000, low ceilings and you can see the size of the stage. Before the enclosure we had the drums shielded but no top so we had crazy bleed of the cymbals into everything. We are so pleased with the sound we are getting out of our drums now.

      Last fall we opened our first satellite campus. We had a fabricator build a version of the enclosure because the increased the price of the Phoenix enclosure. One of our biggest regrets. We are opening another campus this winter and I’m sure we are putting another Phoenix enclosure in that room.

  2. I”m fighting the same, Cymbal and snare bleed within the first few rows. Im going to do some testing by moving and mic’ing the kit in to a back room with my aviom to show the “bosses” the difference in sound with the drum bleed out of the equation. I’m sure they will agree that it’s well worth the money. We (they) also thought about building a DIY version. I’m going to take your advice and say that that is a bad idea. Good stuff!

  3. Great horizontal design with lights in the black spaces. Very current look. Big bang for the buck!

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