Tall Ball Wall

Philip Cox from Potential Church in Cooper City, FL brings us this very tall stage filled with half styrofoam balls.

They were inspired by the fake LED panel wall from Big Baller.They used 3″ styrofoam balls that were cut in half and Black corrugated sign board. Phillip figured out the distance he wanted to have between each ball, measured, and marked out each board. Then he made a chalk line graph so the balls would be put perfectly placed. Then he attached the balls with liquid nails.

13 responses to Tall Ball Wall

  1. Very Nice Looks GOOD!!

  2. Great idea. How many styrofoam ball halves did you order and from what company, also how much did it cost.

  3. Wow – this is really awesome! Best selfmade stage design EVER!

    Bad thing is – in Germany i cant find that halfstyrofoam balls – we only have complete balls or half ones that aren’t massive – so there wont be much space for the glue…

  4. This is an incredible design! Could you share where you got the half balls from?

  5. Yea we did the same thing at Bayside Community church in bradenton,FL and at our home campus on 64th out near parrish,FL.

    What we did was much smaller, but instead of using half styrofoam balls we used ping pong balls. we cut holes into the ping pongs threded them onto fishing line tide a knot so the ping pong wouldn’t drop father down the line and hung them on 2×4’s that where made into half the length of a full 2×4 board at the top and full length on the sides.

  6. I really like the pictures from afar as to what they look like. How do they look when you are near the stage or in the first rows? Do they still look like LED panels or do you start to see them for what they are? We don’t have the kind of distance that you have in your space.

  7. What thickness did you use for the black corrugated sign board? 4mm or thicker?

  8. They look really good from the front row and even on the stage. I attend Potential Church. I am very very impressed on how they came out. You could never tell that they were something as simple as styrofoam balls.

  9. Caleb Hendrick May 14, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    What did you mount the foam balls onto? I was thinking of maybe hardboard or something similar, but I wanted it to be as light as possible.

  10. Cool and simple

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