Swagged Fab

Kaleb Wilcox from Willow Creek Community Church North Shore in Northfield, IL brings us this very fabric-licious stage design.

They wanted something impactful, but also something that they could easily alter between Good Friday and their Easter services on Saturday and Sunday. They dead hung 5 sticks of 8′ truss at random heights using black aircraft cable so the truss appeared to be floating mid-air. Each stick of truss had a Mac 250 and a Mac aura on it. Backlighting came from 6 Robe LED Wash 136 LT moving heads and 7 Elation 250 Design Washes, along with 10 Chauvet Colorado 1s and 6 Varilite VL440 Profiles on the ground. For Good Friday, they used no other stage elements to create a very deep effect on the stage. For Easter, they simply added 11 strips of shear white cloth clamped to one of their batons to create a flowing texture. These were up lit with the Colorados and some Microtech LED batons. Lighting desk was a Jands T2.

Video Credit: Matt Drury
Programming Credit: Mike Lance

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6 responses to Swagged Fab

  1. Carrie Davidson May 24, 2013 at 6:55 am

    Gorgeous set! Well done, Kaleb!

  2. Amazing work!

  3. Great design.

    What sort of cabling did you use to hold up the hanging trusses?

  4. Matt,

    That looks fabulous!

    Just on here checking some stuff out for our future plans. Been playing with some RGB LED SMD 5050 Light Strip and DMX Controller. And, checking this out for a future design, maybe: http://tinyurl.com/mu2t77v (ebay), hanging in strands, and hooked to the same RGB DMX LED Controller that I have for the RGB LED SMD 5050 strands!

    Hope you and Mrs. are doing well!

    – Rob

  5. I love your idea. Can you tell me what fabric you used? My challenge has been finding fabric that we can afford. Recently I used plastic tablecloth on rolls instead of fabric for running color diagonally across our stage. No one could tell it was plastic and it was so cheap. I don’t know that I could achieve the same affect that you achieved here with plastic?

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