Submit a Design

Got a sweet stage design you want to share with the community? Share it with the world!


  • Pictures: We need pictures that clearly show the design. Also, please include photos of the process and of any structural components to the design.
  • Description: Give us all the details. Budget, materials, techniques, etc.

If Your Design Was Inspired by Current Designs

We’d love to see your version of the designs on the site. We just ask that it be different enough to warrant another post. Did you use different techniques or materials? Was there some challenge you overcame when designing it?

We want CSDI to be as helpful as possible. Help folks out who want to do what you’re doing!

What to Expect

When we get your submission, we’ll respond to you within a week letting you know if we need any other information from you. Then, once we schedule your submission we’ll send you another email letting you know when you can expect it live.

  • Materials, budget, techniques, etc.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, zip, pdf.
    Maximum total upload size: 50MB. Image and zip files only please.