Studs in Spandex

Rickey Stevens from Cathedral of Praise in West Point, Alabama brings us this stage design any church could recreate.

To create the columns they wrapped 2x4x8 studs with spandex material. Then they added remote controlled colored changing light bulbs to light each column. They bought the light bulbs from Amazon for 20 dollars each.

Then they used 4 LED par cans to light up the stage. For the projection screen they used a 6×12 piece of spandex material.

13 responses to Studs in Spandex

  1. I think this is a great start. Often time you look at churches with bigger budgets and get discouraged. This is a good simple way to add some color to your church. Keep it up, one thing at a time. Keep dreaming and God will supply what you need.

  2. Incredible design! Can’t wait to see your next design. And our 1000 members love it also ha ha!

    • thanks man it is awesome that your church likes it i talked to one of your members last week and they were asking how we did it and they thought that you may want to do something like that at your church.

  3. How many of the LED bulbs were used in each column?

  4. Hey does 1 remote control all of the lights or do you need separate remotes f or each station

  5. each light came with its own remote but yes you can use one remote to control all of them

  6. How did you brace these so they stayed upright? Are you able to program all of the lights to use by one remote? Also any recommendation on stage fabric companies?

  7. Are you satisfied that the lights are bright enough, or would it be better to have brighter lights? They have a low wattage and we were a little concerned they would not be bright enough.

  8. we screwed them to the floor they are half boxes instead of four sides they have two you dont really have to screw them down we did so that if anyone messed with them they would not fall

  9. One remote will control all of the lights and we got the spandex from handcock fabrick

  10. They have worked really good for what we do with them for a cheap version of a led light they are worth the money. I can tell you this that if you have flurescent lights you will not be able to see them. We were remodeling the chuch at the time and we added dimmable lights so now it works great

  11. Thanks for the reply rickey – We wound up going with par lights instead… Was to worried about the wash out effect when the lights were on. Design looks great though!

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