Stars and Stripes

The Worship and Arts team at First Baptist Church in Oviedo, Florida went over-the-top with their 4th of July celebration. (Sorry, Canadian friends…I know mega-American creeps you guys out.)

This stage design incorporated an orchestra and choir!


They built the stars from painted luan board. The center star was framed wood with projection material stretched and stapeled behind it. The small crosses were cut out of styrofoam.

Finally, all other lighting was generated from ETC Par Cans, ETC Source Fours, Elation 575 Design Spots and COLORado Batten 72 TOUR LED by Chauvet. Additionally in the background they have 2 SparkliteLED Drapes by Chauvet.

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  1. I think it looks great. Nothing wrong with being patriotic and showing a love for your country. Oh by the way, I am a Canadian!

  2. I’m a little creeped out and I’m 100% All American…

    don’t get me wrong, it’s a great design and looks like a great service, but I personally feel like the America worship sometimes borders on idolatry…

  3. Yes – more than Canadians should be freaked out over this. Idolatry in red, white and blue.

    • Have to agree with Chris

    • Love you guys :) just worried that we’re judging motives and heart when all we see is the result. Let’s be careful to avoid judgment. :) Keep the convo going…let’s just keep it loving :)

      • If this is to honour those who have served or are currently serving the country then I don’t think it is terrible. If it is to worship the county then yah it is over the top. However from a purely scenic and lighting perspective I think it is well done.

  4. Worship leader from AZ here. I am always frustrated with things like this. It has gotten to the point where people are worshipping America the way they should be worshipping God alone. I wish we would put this effort into our Creator and Him alone!

  5. about the only thing you Yanks are missing in this “show” is your eminent theologians like Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggert and Johnnie Hagee

  6. American here. I cringe at this. I’m not sure americana and christianity mix, especially the whole soldier/war/murdering theme.

    • Romans 13:3-4…not sure how I feel either but I don’t know that it’s so black and white… :)

      • It isn’t. And what’s hard is that both sides have lots of scriptures to back of their point of view. Don’t you just love the gospel ;)

        It’s a sweet stage design, but personally for me it goes more with a political champaign then a worship service.

        • What if it was a service to honour emergency service workers, and there where police,fire and EMS vehicles parked on the stage. Maybe projecting the logos of those departments on screens/walls. Would that seem out of place for a worship service or an expression of gratitude?

  7. The bible talks about seasons, one of those seasons being war. Look at all
    the battles that were fought in the old testament alone. To think
    that an image of murder is being portrayed by honoring those that serve and protect our country is absolutely ridiculous. Furthermore, the bible goes on to say that we should obey, honor, and respect those
    that have rule over us in a government setting.

    Our church did something rather similar to this on 9/11. Very powerful service. Shame on us “Americans” who are criticizing these efforts while taking for granted the freedoms of religion we have in the first place. If you feel you can’t worship God because how the stage is set, then your faith is probably shallow to begin with.

  8. Look, like Jonathan said, let’s keep it loving here – what’s the point in bashing other churches and christians…there’s no gain in something like that. It just brings other people down…

    Having said that, I think every church should be allowed to do whatever they think will help draw people to Jesus – isn’t that what we’re all in this for? Isn’t that why we all come to this site – to help us in the creative process of drawing people to Jesus?

    Who says that this church is “worshipping” America – maybe their just really thankful to God for the amazing country they live in. I don’t think we should always assume the worst in people/churches – let’s believe the best and build each other up. Plus, I don’t think having symbols or stars or flags on stage equals “worshipping”. If they do, then we’re all in trouble, because we’re all using lights or plastic or some other material to help create engaging environments for our attenders and visitors. I believe that whether it’s a star or a rectangle, a light or a flag, it’s just tools we use to help convey the timeless message of the Gospel in a relevant way to today’s culture. Hey, if one person was saved at this service because they were able to let their guards down because of the stage – isn’t that worth it?

    Wherever you might stand, let’s not accuse people and churches of things we don’t know based on our own perceived ideas from a few pictures. If it’s not your style, don’t copy it. Simple as that. Tearing each other down only causes pain and division. Jesus said that his Church would be so strong that the gates of Hell wouldn’t prevail against it…but he never said anything about it not being destroyed from the inside out by Christians fighting each other…

  9. I was actually a participant in this service and it was absolutely wonderful! Our country was founded on Christian principles and it’s our military that ensures we keep those freedoms. God and country go hand in hand. This was the beginning of the service and our Pastor then preached a service straight from the Word (as he does every Sunday) – he did a wonderful job – it was a very moving service and I was proud to be a part of it. God was very much the central theme of this service – you can’t just look at pictures and make judgments about the church.

  10. From an Australian point of view…….. when is a time and place to celebrate your country appropriate. For us Australia Day January 26th is about the closest we get to patriotic, however the most Spiritual day (to the whole secular society) is Anzac Day April 26th where we commemorate our fallen soldiers in all wars and conflicts. 11th September may have become your version where Churches can reachout to the spiritual awakening your country has at this time. Great designed set, for an Aussie too inappropriate, but bless you all as you strive to bring the spiritual and physical symbols of your nation to the Throne of Grace. Trust my ramble makes sense.

  11. Is there a link to what the church did that morning: songs, purposes, video of the service? I know this blog’s purpose is to just give stage design ideas. With regard to what they may have done during the service, I ask “Why do christians get together weekly?” There isn’t anything wrong with honoring those who serve and support and protect us. We should do it. Thanks to those who serve!

    But if this was done during the normal time this local church met, did they give this time to give all glory and worship to God or if not, did they find another time to meet to do that? It looks more like a show to honor man than a worship service to God. I wasn’t there, so I can’t know for certain, but we meet weekly to worship God, and that time should be kept sacred.

    On the side, to me personally, the confetti and colors make it look like the primary elections. Maybe that’s what they were going for.

  12. Am I the only one to notice the guy rappelling in the fifth picture?

    As far as worshiping America, it is true that you shouldn’t worship the country, but the things that God has done in and through the country. In the Psalms, the history of Israel is repeated and how it was God that put them in the circumstances and how he pulled them trough. Honoring the fallen and the ones that serve your country is fine, as long as the theatrics point towards the message. The stage looks great and clean. And the images are evocative. Confetti guns (cannons?) are just a pain to clean up after but it is all good.

    God bless

  13. I was one of the producers for this worship service and was the set designer. Worship service was design around two things, one honoring our Troops, and most importantly thanking God for how He has bless our Nation. Then our Pastor preached a great sermon called “The High Cost of Freedom” (John 8:31-36).

    Victory in Jesus

    Scenes through History

  14. Too little diversity to be a true representation of America. Where are the blacks, Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans??????

  15. Josh…is the entire service online anywhere? It looks amazing and I’d love to see it. Thank you

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