Star Lines

Henry Alcozn from Harvester Christian Church in Saint Charles, MO brings us this Christmas design.

They designed a simplistic way to showcase the Christmas spirit. They recycled old (really old) plastic Christmas trees that were donated. They setup 3 trees on each side of their center screen. They used wooden boxes to match the sizes of the trees to make sure that they were even on each side.

They also used 16 LED strip lights (16ft length). They covered some of the LED lights randomly so they would give them a random size. To complement the overall look, they built a fireplace and painted it to give it a realistic look. Finally, they used some movers to light them green.

If you are in the St. Louis area, they have the fireplace. You are welcome to use it as they are not going to use it this Christmas. Drop them a comment below if you’re interested.

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8 responses to Star Lines

  1. What projectors does your church have?

  2. I’m wondering what are the string lights hanging on the back? The rows of stringed lights.

  3. Love everything about this! GREAT JOB! For the wall strips, did each strip have a power supply? or can you connect them together as one? Also, would i have to purchase a decoder? Our stage is very similar to this and we love the idea!

  4. Did you attach the LED rope light to anything? I’ve used it before and when it hangs it doesn’t always hang in a perfect line. Wondering if you attached it to PVC pipe or something. Thanks, great design!

  5. I am also wondering how you attach them

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