Transforma2 Youth from CCLR in Little Rock, Arkansas brings us this stage from a sectional youth camp.

They only spent around 80 dollars to do this stage (without the LED lights). Material: 4 pink sheets from Home Depot, 4 white table cloths (Family Dollar, 1 dollar a piece), glue gun, 12 air filters around 15 dollars.

You can make the towers for the filters with wood trim—1 inch thick by 6 feet tall. Glue the filters to the wood.

They bought the LED lights from CheapLights for about $40 each.

IMG_20160326_000256_1 Screenshot_2016-03-21-23-28-13 Screenshot_2016-03-23-17-14-10 Screenshot_2016-04-04-15-03-52 Screenshot_2016-04-04-15-04-07 Screenshot_2016-04-04-15-04-49 Screenshot_2016-04-04-15-04-55 Screenshot_2016-04-04-15-05-21 Screenshot_2016-04-04-15-05-33 Screenshot_2016-04-04-15-06-34 Screenshot_2016-04-04-15-06-341 Screenshot_2016-04-04-15-37-02

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  1. Wow! Great job! Amazed this cost $80!! Brilliant!

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