Squared Away

Barry Wortz from New Hope Church in Wooster, OH brings us this paneled stage design.

To create this he used 2×2 sheets of white Coroplast (cut from 4×8 sheets). He attached them to the ceiling with fishing line and 2ft dowels.

He strung the Coroplast with craft string and hot glued the string to the Coroplast. The designs under the stages were 1×1 cardboard sheets painted white. They were strung together the same way. This project ran about $300 for the materials – including the materials to build the 3 stages.

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  1. Cody Patterson May 16, 2012 at 8:55 am

    Hi! It looks awesome! :) Where did you get the “chloroplasts” that are hung in the back? When I search online I can’t find plastic chloroplast.

    • I believe its Coroplast, and many sign companies carry them. Check your local sign shop.

      Barry, how did you crop the center projector?

      • Dago, I can’t say for sure what Barry did to crop the projector there but if I were to do it with ProPresenter and a Matrox TripleHead, you would create a mask layer over the center projector’s output.

  2. What did you use to light the coroplast on the backdrop?

  3. Barry,

    This is a great design. Simple to build with a huge impact. The lighting looks amazing too. Keep up the great work for God’s Kingdom.


  4. Thanks everyone! The projectors are BenQ. For the middle one we created a barn door that covered the lower two-thirds. I lit the coroplast with led bars on the bottom and par 64 cans for the tops.

  5. 2 words…FREAKIN…AWESOME! I love this design! What moving heads are you using?

    • Thanks Mike! Those moving heads are actually from some generic brand called Jamstar. It is not around anymore. We would love to get some scanners in there.

  6. Aside From Coroplast…Because which I think is not available here in the Philippines Specifically on our Region, what would be the best Material Similar on this one to get the same effects? like paint, Paper or etc…Please Really need Help for our Stage design this Comming June 2..Thanks…Any Tips? Our Theme is “HIGH DEFINITION”

    • For the designs under the stages I used cardboard that was painted so you may look into that option. I would recommend using spray paint on the cardboard. I rolled it and it warped the cardboard. The most important thing is that it reflects well. Another idea would be to glue poster board over cardboard so you have the sheen of the coroplast. As for lighting, the darker you can manage to keep the stage the better. This will allow the colors to pop.

  7. I really like this stage and would like to do something similar for our youth conference, first off how did you build the stage for the drums? Or was it rented? And what kind of lights did you use for the background? Is it an led bar?

    • The drum stage was built in two parts. We used two 2x4s and made an L shape for the legs. We then built a deck with the beams 12in off center for the tops. We made two of these structures that are 4ft high 8ft wide and 4ft deep. Then we tied them together to make an 8×8 stage. As for the lights each section of coroplast has an led bar under it and then each section has two par 64 cans to wash the tops.

  8. this is a amazing but how you give 3 output videos to those 3 screens

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