Splitscreen Happiness

Wes Sisk from Highpoint Church in Memphis, TN brings us this multi-screen wonder you could easily recreate.

The folks at Highpoint wanted to create those cool LED panels that big production companies have. To recreate the look they took five, 36″ x 96″ white 1/8″ acrylic panels and hung them in between their IMAG (image magnification or live video) screens. The height of these panels were the same height as their IMAG screens so it looks uniform. They left the protective film on the back of the acrylic panels to keep light from their LED’s, used to wash the black curtain, from washing out the panels. Because the panels were a bit reflective, they had a local company come in and apply a non-glare white film to the panels.

They front projected graphics (static images, looped graphics and their own video) from a FOH (front of house) truss. The projector they used was around 6,500 lumens and popped really well on the white acrylic. To make the panels look more like LED screens, they masked the projector so it only shined on the panels. They used the “mask” feature in ProPresenter 4 to do this.

To control the images on the center screens, their lighting engineer was using a separate MacBook from the side screens. They’re considering switching to a TripleHead2Go so they can run all the visuals off one computer.

4 responses to Splitscreen Happiness

  1. Looks great guys! Love the look and feel of it!
    Where did you get the acrylic panels? What LED fixtures are you using?

  2. Nice title for the post. Set looks good too.

  3. Hi there… This looks really really amazing…. I have 3 screens above my stage, I want to to the inverse with 1 screen in the middle and multiple tiles outside….

    How did you make your mask?

  4. Wes, great job! you guys always have some creative ideas!

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