Spandex Twinkles

This spandexy, CRT TVish design comes to us from Jeremy Framstad at Grace Community Church in Fremont, Ohio.

For their series, “Life in HD”, they asked people to bring in any old, working CRT or Tube TVs. They stacked them and hooked up a video feed to all of them. Afterwords they recycled them! The sails were from Rosebrand and there was a center plasma rig.

8 responses to Spandex Twinkles

  1. pretty cool concept with the old tv's. great color wash!

  2. This looks sweet…one of my favorites…has cool elements and quite a bit of them, but not so much that it feels crazy chaotic…it actually feels quite simple…love it!

  3. Where did you get the video loop that is shown in the top two photos?

  4. Here is a link to the a site where I get some motion back grounds. I found this site after going to a conference at NewLifeChurch in Little Rock.

  5. What did you use to hook up all of the regular tv's? What type of cabling, splitter, etc.? Looks really sweet!

  6. Hey Jeremy. I really like what you guys are doing up there at Grace with the sets. Looks great!

  7. Love the red ferris wheel backs, he does great work.

  8. How are you splitting the displays in the center for this? Obviously not a triple head 2 go. or. . . is it?

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