Solar System

Charlie McNeill from Hope Creek Church in Durham, NC brings us this outer spacious look.

The wanted to make an outer space look on their black wall. So they took an old sign and drilled 10-15 different sized holes into it. Then they took white spray paint and sprayed the holes at different angles to create stars.

Then they took seven 4×8 sheets of blue styrofoam and cut 9 circles for planets. They bought about 25 cans of sprays paint of all different colors. Then they started painting with metal flake paint to eat away at the foam and create texture on the foam planets.

Then they took the spray paint and layered the colors on the planets taking some cardboard and cutting shapes to give them different ridge lines. Finally they took the spray paint and sprayed it over the stars to give it the glow of outer space. Then they hung the planets over the starry glowing outer space wall.

This took them about a day and cost about $250.

Tip: Spray paint has a very bad over spray and will go everywhere so make sure to cover stuff will that you don’t want paint on.

4 responses to Solar System

  1. Wow, you are talented with a spray can! Looks GREAT!!!

  2. Brad from Twin Falls, ID March 23, 2012 at 8:39 am

    Love it! If I understand it correctly you have various holes drilled in the sign for the stars. Here’s an idea: from the backside of the panels use some mini white Christmas lights and poke as many through the hole as you can, some will have more because of the various openings. And, to give the planets that same glow and 3D effect, place some light behind the planets but make sure you can’t see the bulbs.

    Additional inexpensive lighting will add to the already “cool factor”.

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