Lorraine Kibblewhite from Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Canada brings us this nighttime masterpiece.

Each set piece was made from 2″ thick Styrofoam. 6 buildings were 4′ wide and 6 buildings were 2′ wide. The windows were backed with Velum or black paper to allow the lights to shine. There were 12 separate buildings in the entire set.

They borrowed this set from their sister church, Gateway. When Gateway used this set, they glued the sytrofoam pieces to plywood bases. Lorraine’s team created reusable stands from 2 – 2×4 pieces on either side of the styrofoam and screwed together. Supports were made for the back (again reusable). The supports were triangler in shape and 2×4 blocks were used to hold the 2 pieces together.

The city scape was lit with 6 Martin LED stage bars.

The total cost for the materials (minus the lights) is about $250.

5 responses to Skyline

  1. I love this city scape design! It’s large enough that it’s not “cute”, but small enough that it doesn’t take a bunch of truss to set it up.

    Great job!

  2. I’m preaching a series about the story of Babel for our youth group right now. This design inspired our stage design. Thanks so much for a captivating creation. I’ll submit pictures soon.

  3. I made a smaller scale of this set for one of our series running this month. Just simply used big cardboard boxes, covered in black cloth, cut out the windows and put frost over them. Stick an LED par inside and there you have it!

  4. Where did you buy the styrofoam?

  5. We did the samething with chloroplasts sheets cut holes out for windows and put thin white plastic on the back side to make a window then a truss warmer hitting the windows from the back to change the colors in the windows.

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