Simple Fabric

Donna Lewis from Seneca Community Church in Romulus, NY brings us this simple fabric design.

They used 20 yards x 60″ width Knit (100% polyester) cloth. Pure white was selected as a neutral background so the LED colored lights would create the shape, shadows, and mood that was desired. The cloth and hardware totaled just over $80. They bought the material on sale and with a percentage off being a non-profit organization registered with JoAnn Fabrics. The tallest point was 12 feet, the lowest point was 10 feet. The total width was 10 feet (two 60″ wide panels). They used Fabric Fusion (glue) on the top to make a hem to thread the cable through the cloth. Allow 2-4 hours for Fabric Fusion to completely dry. They put removable tape over the hem to ensure it would dry in place correctly. There was no sewing. Needed: 6 eyes bolts, 2 turn buckles, 4 small U Bolt clamps, 25′ cable, wrinkle-free cloth, cords for tie backs, cross for accent, and colored LED lights. Start to finish total work time was 6 hours with 4 people.

C-Stage-Design-2-16-close C-Stage-Design-2-16 C-Stage-Designb-2-16-cross

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  1. Thanks for sharing our idea with others. We are beginner’s at Stage Design.

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