Silhouette Stacks

Tony Bruno from Word of Life Worship Center in La Mesa, CA brings us these silhouette characters for their stage.

Their pastor for the month of February wanted to do a series on prayer. they talked it over and wanted to do something with silhouettes.

Tony was able to get inspiration from the iPeeps design. He wasn’t able to afford the material they used or the lighting. Plus he only had a budget of $150.

So he went to Home Depot and bought the foam backing boards that you can find in the insulation section. He bought eight—four to cut out and the other four to use as a background. They shot the silhouettes up on the board with a small projector connected to a computer. He used a jigsaw cutter to cut them out and sprayed painted them flat black.

Then they took the other solid foam boards and painted them white. They used simple plywood for the bases and bought furling wood stakes at Home Depot. Tony screwed the furling wood stakes into the bottom of the plywood for the stands and then used zip ties to hold up the cut out and a separate stand for the background. They then took the lights and put them in between the cutout and the solid board.

Total cost with paint was $135.

IMG_0267 IMG_4390 IMG_4392 IMG_4511 stage

18 responses to Silhouette Stacks

  1. Thank you very nice site!

  2. how did you draw the silhouette? Is there a tutorial on that? I have a church program on th april 4th and i think it would be pretty cool to do something like this

    • I drew them using a projector. So I took the silhouettes that I had in photoshop and connected a small projector to the other out on my graphic card and shot it up on a wall and traced it.

      • Thank you!! You used for different types of light?.and what if I wanted to stick the silhouette on the wall instead of having them stand up since the church does not have the same space as yours does. How Did U Measure The Silhouette?

      • Heather Jones July 10, 2014 at 1:24 pm

        Tony where can I get those identical silhouette templates, and what sizes were your silhouettes in height and width? We are trying to spruce up our church stage.

        • Send me your email I can send you everything I used.

          • Heather Jones July 15, 2014 at 6:43 pm

            Hi Tony,
            This is Heather Jones. My email is Thank you so much!

          • Hi Tony, this is Heather Jones again. What PAR Can lights did you use? I don’t know anything about stage lighting, but see there are so many choices. It is confusing. I see them with so many numbers behind them, and am clueless as to what that means. The email address is the same.

  3. Thank you so much for answering my questions. Do I actually need 8 or can 4 do?

    • No I used 8 because I had 4 cut outs and I wanted to use the other 4 as backgrounds if you are hanging them on the wall you wont need the 4 backgrounds.

  4. I decided to use medium density Fiberboard Instead Would The Process Be The same?

    • Of course I had to do that a few times and even used thinner type it all works really well. I used a jigsaw cutter so that really helps cut through anything.

  5. The curtain in the back is it black or white? Does it matter what color the curtain is to get the lights reflect off of the silhouette better? The Church Stage Is Not As Spacious As Yours And They Have A Background That I Have To Cover Up With Either Black Or White Cloth That Why I asked Which One Would Be Better For The Lights And The Silhouette

    • I would cover it with white cloth and make the silhouette’s black like in the design. The way they pop off the background is because the light is behind the silhouette.

  6. Check your email!

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