Nathan Whalen and the team from Brookville Road Community Church in New Palestine, IN brings us this beautiful design from their Christmas services.

From Nathan: This is our stage design for Christmas 2017. Our theme for the Christmas series was “White Christmas.” There are three main elements that made up this design. The first was the white sheer fabric hanging on the back wall of the stage. This fabric was hung from aircraft cable that we have secured along the back wall. We used 4 Mac 250’s and 2 Stage Right Wash fixtures to light this fabric. We also projected on this fabric for our Christmas Eve Service. Along with the white curtains, we bought some white paper star lamp shades from IKEA and hung them on the light bulbs that we already had above our stage.

The next element was the paper chains hanging center stage and above the projection screen. This element took the longest time by far. We purchased a roll of fire retardant paper from Amazon. We cut this paper into 1 1/2″ rolls using a chop saw(Which was easier than we thought, but harder that it needed to be!) Over the course of about 4 weeks. We had amazing volunteers cut these into 8″ strips and link them together in chains of 100 links. The final link count was right around 10,000 links. We used ADJ Dotz Pars to light these chains.

The final element to this design was the “Blinders” in between the chains. These turned out to be very easy to make. We cut 1×4 boards to the desired length and drilled evenly spaced holes along them. (The hole were sized to the sockets that we had.) We then bought some hanging pendant sockets from IKEA and inserted them into the holes. We got lucky and they fit perfectly with no more support needed. We also bought some white plastic bowls from Target and drilled the same sized hole in them. (We found that a hole saw worked well as long as you pre drill the bowl and drill slowly with a wood block behind it.) We then put the bowl over the socket and tight-end them down with the included cover for the socket. We used dimmable LED Bulbs purchased from Amazon and routed all of the cables to dimmer packs that we already had.

Overall, this stage design had a really nice effect when you walked into the sanctuary. We spent around $600 on this set design. We already had all of the fabric, lumber, aircraft cable, lights, and dimmers from previous designs.

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