Shorty Got Low, Low, Low

Working with low ceilings in your stage design space? That’s the challenge Joey Riggins and his team at Lighthouse Church in Panama City Beach, Florida¬†was faced with.

To overcome the challenges of short real estate, they created a design that flowed with the natural shape of the room and used tall elements on the ends of the stage to create a sense of height. All boxes were constructed using 1×4’s and light covers from Home Depot. They glued mirrors to the tops of the boxes to reflect the LED uplighting back down. They used spandex to fill in blank spots in the design.

They also dyed our tan carpet black using $100.00 of Rit clothing dye and spray bottles.

7 responses to Shorty Got Low, Low, Low

  1. Did they create each box and then stack them? Did they use spandex on the boxes as well?

    • They are all one continous piece but the separate boxes are a nice idea. We have since laid the columns on their sides and angled them to create a different look for Kids Church and Youth Sanctuary.

  2. How well did the Rit dye work on the carpet? Is it wearing pretty well? What was the process you used to apply the dye? Did you use the powder or the liquid dye?


  3. What type of lighting specifically do you use behind the spandex?

  4. By “Light Covers” do you mean the drop ceiling plastic insert light covers? Can I get specifics about the LED lighting?

  5. I love this church and Pastor Cole! I also love how you guys are using your spaces to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for people to connect with God and each other. Good job!

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