Ship Ahoy!

This stage design was used in May of 2009 at First Assembly of God in Cedar Rapids, IA and created by Duke Dejong.  It utilized curved 4′ x 4′ coroplast squares in columns with circular hanging lamp shades from IKEA under the projection screen.  The entire design was supported by a 1 foot box trussing connected at the top with black painted 1 1/2″ pipe.  Each coroplast column was lit from both the top and the bottom with one LED fixture and the truss and lamp shades were lit from the floor with LED fixtures as well.

You can pick up sheets of 4′ x 8′ coroplast locally for about $12 each and paper lanterns from an IKEA or

PS. The curved coroplast look like sails to me…thus the title…

Duke Dejong:

3 responses to Ship Ahoy!

  1. Very cool!
    Where or how can i get curved coroplast squares. Did you curve it yourself or did you buy it that way?

    • I'm pretty sure Duke curved them himself. When you work with them at that size…they bend pretty easily. It looks like he just wedged them in between the trusses to get them curved.

  2. Jonathan is correct. In fact, if you looked at the back of the squares you would probably think the way we did it was hokey (I thought that). Basically we took a hole punch and created a small holes at the 1/3 lines at the top and bottom of the panels and then used some tie line down the back to hold the curve in place. The top square was hung from a bar and then the middle and bottom square was literally zip stripped through the same holes to the one above. Within 5-10 feet of the design it looked very homemade, but the front row was 30-40 feet from the set and from there it looked great. This was also an extremely cheap set, only cost us a few hundred for the chorolast and lamps shades hung under the screen in the middle.

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