Throwback: Scaffolding

Steven Hall from Northland Church in Longwood, Florida submitted this fascinating use of scaffolding. (from September 2011)

They built this set for the winners of their Battle of the Bands. They wanted to get a bit crazy with the set so this is what they put together. In total they used 40 moving lights, 140 pixels of LED mapping, 100 channels of dimming, dmx controlled front projected imagery (both live and during intermission), 8 universes of DMX control from a MA network, a kabuki drop, and a very intricately cued out show.

They built the set with 4′ wide by 7′ high walk-through scaffolding frames (normally used for construction).  They were built into 5 towers that were 3 sections high (21′).

They bought all of the scaffolding used from Craigslist. The scaffolding had a bunch of concrete on it so they cleaned it with hammers, chisels, wire brushes and scrapers. It took about 150 hours total to clean the scaffolding and another 40 hours to paint all of it. They painted the scaffold a bright grey (high gloss paint).  They used Colorblast 12’s to light the actual scaffold frames. They hung a large sheet of plastic behind the scaffolding (from their Perfectly Plastic set). They used 6 Studio Colors to light the plastic in the back.

In total they purchased 30 frames and 30 cross braces.  All of it cost $750 (New cost is over $5000). Although, it was quite a bit to purchase the set piece and much more in cost of time to get it into the shape they needed, it will be useful for structure for some of their set designs in the future.

Steven Hall (myself) – LD
Mike Walker – LD
Mike Spates, George Jackson, Melissa Lirones – Amazing Lighting Techs and Set crew
Manny Loyoza, Everardo Palacios – Lighting Techs


10 responses to Throwback: Scaffolding

  1. Way to go Steven! That looks killer. Wish I could have seen it in person!

  2. That looks awesome! Nice job!!

  3. Awesome Set! What are the small rectangular LED fixtures officially called? I have been wanting to get some of those for our church, wondering what the name is and a good place to buy?

  4. I believe they are called Bricks (dont quote me on that, i know Elation has them.

  5. another place to look for good lights that are not expensive is great resource for a tight budget.

    • Thanks guys,

      Brent, the LEDs we used are Elation Vbar 270s. They discontinued them about 2 years ago. If you ever find any used, you should buy them. They were about $300 each and hold up awesome.

  6. Great looking set. Love the kinda lighting design u get from it.

  7. Looks great!! Love it. Are those ACL PARs or just regular?

  8. They are par 56’s with NSP lamps.

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