Sawtooth Trees

Sarah and Matt DePriest from Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI bring us these jagged Christmas trees.

They started by making Christmas trees from foam core painted dark green and blue. Then they screwed wooden frames to the foam at varying heights to create a natural forest look. They did the same thing for the snowflakes in the front. They created the small snowflakes throughout the stage using wooden poles with worklights clamped to them (attached to a dimming system). They clipped foam snowflakes in front of the light.

Alec Glynn and Elliot Lund lit the whole set from front and back with Chauvet Color Dash Quads.

7 responses to Sawtooth Trees

  1. Wow… fantastic design. Love the lighting

  2. I like it. Sophisticated but fun

  3. Looks great! We are thinking of making some large snowflakes. What did you use to cut the foam board with?



  4. Thanks so much for your help so far! But….Ha! I do have another question. We started cutting out snowflakes today, and no matter how we try, we are ending up with some pretty raggedy looking edges Did you have this issue? I’m wondering if, after we paint, they are as noticeable or if we need to take care of that now.

    Any further suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Thank you so much!


  5. I’m really sorry! I wasn’t actually involved in that process firsthand last year. After some further checking, I think the hot knife might have been a failed experiment. They ended up using a handheld jigsaw. Also, to correct the original post; the material used was actually foam insulation, not foam core. Be aware that it is a pretty dusty process, but it will leave clean edges.
    I hope you guys aren’t too far along in the process for this to be helpful! Sorry again for the confusion.


  6. No worries! I thought maybe it was a skill us DOC just didn’t have! Ha! We’re having fun making snowflakes and I’ll post our set this year when we’re all done. Thank you so much for your help!


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