Rugged Tree

Adam West from Sachse’s Church in Sachse, TX brings us this mixture of pallets and the cross.

The only expense they had was the framing, and that money was donated ($96). It took volunteers two days working from 2-5 on a Sunday afternoon, and 3-9 on Monday.

Pallets were picked up through their community: Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Roofing Suppliers.
Frame was constructed from 2×3’s (cheaper than 2×4’s)
Only 7 colorpallet LED lights to light the set.

noid-front2 noid-front3 noid-IMG_1296 noid-IMG_1302 noid-back1

4 responses to Rugged Tree

  1. Travis Humble May 17, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    How did you get the offset look? I suppose I’m specifically asking about how you attached the pallets to the framework?

  2. Travis, they just used a nail gun and layered them on.

  3. how many pallets did you use to get that size

  4. Hello!where can I get those lights?
    And what is the price around?

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