Roughing It

Ryan Murphy from East Hill Church in Gresham, OR brings us this rough back wall.

They created a huge textured wall as the backdrop. They started by creating 6 wooden frames with 25 2x4x8 studs. First they split the boards making 2x2x8’s. With those splits they made 2 8×8 foot square frames and 4 8×7 foot square frames with one center beam in each of the frames.

Then they covered the frames in Weed Block with the reflective side facing the auditorium. They added the aluminum screening that was as warped as they could get it.

They attached the weed block and the aluminum to the frames with 2/3-inch staples. Then they attached all the frames together with 2 inch screws. To help them stand up they added feet on the back of each of them.

They made the screen above the texture using Coroplast. The screen was an 18×10 foot screen and cost under $150.00. The normal cost for a screen that large is between 4-5k. Awesome look for the price!

The largest sheets they could purchase were 4×8 and they cut everything to size. They attached each of the sheets with Gaffers tape. Then they spaced a 1 foot long strip about every foot laterally to disperse the weight a little better. Then along the top they added a 2×2 board all the way across, so it would straighten the entire screen.

Unless the panels are exactly square (which they were not) you are forced to put white strips of tape along the front of the screen along each of the seems to cover them a little. Depending on what you project you can slightly see the tape.

The stage cost was under $500.00.

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  1. Lovely,
    Where did you purchase the coroplast?


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