Rolled Fabric

Angela Yee from Saddleback Church Irvine South in Irvine, CA brings us this great use of fabric.

Angela started by creating a few designs in Google Sketchup, then took the designs into illustrator to see what the fabric might look like.

They bought two kinds of fabric: a translucent voile, and a transparent poly cloth. They had no idea which one would work better. In hindsight, the voile was better.

They tied one end on the pipe above the stage, pulled the fabric to the yellow/green measurement on the stage, and cut the fabric. Then they weighted it down with sandbags.

They started from the center and worked stage left, then went back to the center and went stage right.

They had two people cutting and working on the floor and two people on ladders bringing up the fabric and tying it on the pipe with griff clips and black tie line. The installation went fairly quickly. All in all it took about 5 hours start to finish (just the fabric part, not including lights).

The first pic shows what it looked like before they cleaned it up and fixed the lighting.

16-0522stage06 16-0522stage10 16-0522stage13 16-0522stage14 16-0522stage15 16-0522stage16 16-0522stage17 16-0522stage18 16-0522stage21 PSWC Annual Celebration 2016

2 responses to Rolled Fabric

  1. Unfortunately my design website got corrupted and went down, so I have reposted the details on how this set was put together at: :-)

  2. great stage,,, my question is about your projectors, how are you sending the signal from the computer?

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