Rock Face

Ryan VanKampen from First Presbyterian of Aurora in Illinois brings us this design begging to be climbed on.

They were inspired by the “Screens are Falling Down” design. So they started with an empty conference room with no stage or sound system–just chairs. They started by tapping into the main electrical for the building. A member of their church is an electrician and provided them with two temporary circuit panels that provided 30 separate circuits. This reusable distro cost about $2000 in materials, but has been used many times. It provided them with enough electricity to run all of the lights, sound and front of house without ever tripping a circuit.

They set up a 12×12 screen centered behind the stage and framed it with crumpled bright aluminum screening. The aluminum screen also served as a skrim to cover their speaker towers at the front of the stage. With the speakers covered, they were able to play louder with fewer complaints.

They used 100ft of 48in wide aluminum screen total–bought for $112 from Lowes.

The aluminum screens were lit with LED Mega Panels from HTL. They purchased a 10pack from HTL for $799. 2 LED panels for each speaker stack and 3 LED panels for either side of the video screen. Across the front and rear truss they used 56 par cans. Various effect lights and scanners were hung from the back truss. The traditional pars were controlled using a 48 channel DMX board. The LED panels, scanners and effects lights were controlled with the Luminair app for the iPad. They purchased Luminair specifically for this event and were happy with the results.

4 responses to Rock Face

  1. This looks awesome. The LED fixtures look good. I am curious what HTL is and if they have an online store. Thanks.

  2. Dustin,
    this is their main website. has HTL lighting there.
    There were a few others, but right now, I cant remember.
    Good luck

  3. I haven’t heard of the HTL brand of lights. Have you used them since this event? I would love to get your thoughts on them because I am trying to see which is better between them, Chauvet, and American DJ. I would appreciate your thoughts.

    • If you’re looking for higher quality I’d go with the Chauvet or American DJ. We were on a real tight budget so I went with the HTL. They do the job for significantly cheaper than the other brands. A few of the LED’s were not functioning at first but it wasn’t anything big, we had to open the panels up and put a little hot glue or redo a solder. All the LED’s work, just a loose connection.

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